Very Different…

Has it ever crossed your mind that the world would be a better place if more people or even everyone was like YOU;

how we’d all better understand each other because we would all be alike, how we’d have less conflicts, etc.. Maybe it has never crossed your mind, but it has crossed mine. Probably because like i said in my last post “Here” I often think too highly of myself, so I used to feel like this- well if everyone was as nice, patient, understanding, mature and in a nutshell more like me, the world would be better.

I was wrong. First of all, I’m learning how imperfect and full of flaws I am, secondly the world needs the variety.

Something happened today (gist time😊), a group of us were to embark on a journey and a departure time had been set, anyway, people came late, and some came very late, and some came extremely late. We call it African time in this parts  (which is just our very poor habit of not keeping to time). Well by the time we had waited almost 40mins I was fuming, mildly😊, (actually patience is a virtue I’m still poor at, but I’m learning to be better), unfortunately,  today i wasn’t putting on my ‘patient cap’ (this is just an excuse), so I said somethings i probably shouldn’t have said. The highlight of the story is that a friend of mine who had more cause to be upset remained very calm and understanding through out the waiting. Long story short, we got going after almost an hour of waiting, we arrived at our destination safely and the rest they say is ‘history’, but during the journey i couldn’t help but think about how differently my friend and I reacted. Now imagine if everyone was like me….chaos!😊

We are all very different, our weaknesses are different and so are our strengths, and that’s what makes life so beautiful, we get to COMPLEMENT each other, do you know that if we were all alike, all we’d do is COMPETE, but now we don’t have to. My friend ( in the story) has gentleness and patience as his strengths, I have strengths in other areas that he may have weaknesses. Can’t you see that life is beautiful!😊

So don’t hate when you meet people that are weak in areas you are strong, and don’t feel less when you realise that you are weak where other’s are strong, God made no mistake when he created us different. Now this doesn’t mean we should be laid-back about our weaknesses, just like I’m trying to learn patience we should try to improve where we can, that area ‘may’ never become a strong point for you but at least try to grow.

There are other areas in which our diffrences aren’t a matter of weaknesses or strengths, but just diffrences in our abilities, for example, you can sing and someone else can’t. In such cases be grateful for your abilities and appreciative of that of others. Remember we are ‘complements’😆.

Cheers to being different!.


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