He Proposed!!

Every girl has a faint (or not so faint) idea of how she would like to be proposed to; a large gathering vs a private one, without cameras or with video coverage, a huge surpise or something simple…… there are some of us that just want to wake up to an engagement ring on our finger, no fuss, no stress. Even the “I don’t need a man” kind of ladies tend to think of these things too. I think it’s in the blood.

Well as a teenager, i didn’t have too many ideas but as i grew towards marriageble age i began to have an exact picture in my head. I don’t like public proposals, to me that’s just too much pressure. I like simple but classic stuff, the kind that shows the young man put alot of thought into it. I also have a perfect picture of an engagement ring, if possible with something sweet engraved on it, trust me I’m a ‘thinker’ and to me details matter alot.

So, let me tell you a bit about my God-sent, amazing and very unconventional man😊.
He’s name is Dayo, our story is anything but a fairytale, but still it is spectacular. We literally grew up together, attended the same primary and secondary school, we were even seatmates at some point. So Dayo was family, at least for a while. When we I got into the university, Dayo fell in with some bad boys and eveything went Downhill from there. I remember going home during my 100 level holidays and my mum giving me all the ‘juicy gist’, talking about Dayo-this, Dayo-that and all the new escapades he and his Gang were involved in. I felt sad for him, he was such a smart kid in school.

Fast forward 10 years after sec sch, I had a Bsc and a Master’s degree, life was good. My graduating class from secondary school decided to hold it’s 10th year reunion party and guess who was now a wealthy, successful, (let me mention) good looking Entrepreneur, yes! you got it, Dayo! I was shocked to the bone, trust me, ever inqusitive I wanted to know everything, how? when? Where? When he said it was Jesus I understood instantly, I too had a life-changing experience when I became a Christian, when God gets a hold of a man’s heart he can make anything out of him, the worst criminal is made a saint.

It wasn’t love at first sight for us, it was more like we picked up where we left off back  school, but this time we were no longer kids. Dayo was single and so was I and in a liitle over a year I think it was pretty clear to both of us that we were going to end up together. We are like two peas in a pod (Clichè right) but its true; we play, we disagree, we slove problems together, we seek God together, we build ideas together, its an unending list of togetherness. The funny thing is we have the same view on important stuff but on seemingly trivial things, we tend to differ alot.

Yesterday evening, Dayo and I took a stroll to the mall, (yes a stroll, because its actually walking distance from my house). We were looking at nice stuff and laughing about some items with exorbitant prices that we’d never buy. Then i noticed Dayo was a bit quite, I’ve learnt that when he suddenly gets like that there’s a very interesting ‘something‘ on his mind. So I waited, did i mention before that this guy has a mind that’s probably not from this world, he says He has the mind of christ! I agree. Sometimes its awesome because he comes up with great ideas, other times its scary because its totally unconventional.

So you can imagine my shock when Dayo finally spoke up and said “I’m convinced its time, let’s get married before the end of the year” my jaw dropped literally if i was light-skinned you’d have seen the color drain from my face, when miy brain managed to kick-start i finally asked, “is that a proposal?”, my sweet young man rolled his eyes and replied in the affirmative, off course! I was livid, No ring, No cameras, no getting down on one knee, everything I’d dreamed off… zero. If it was anyone else i’d have said it was a prank, from this gentleman, i knew it was serious, he meant it. Dayo has done so many ‘crazy’ things in the one year we had been reunited, but this, this was just mind blowing. As I write this I’m still fuming over the proposal, He says I’m being petty in refusing to give him an answer because he didn’t present a ring, I say his being inconsiderate about my feelings. Please ladies, am I taking it too far? He proposed without a ring, who does that?

Hello you, this is totally fiction, but its a real story, and it just might be your story or mine. Should this lady accept a proposal without an engagement ring and all the other fanfare.….? imagine its you. How important are these things? really? 
Please comment below, someone might just need your answer.

7 thoughts on “He Proposed!!

  1. A friend of mine sent me this interesting reply😊 Enjoy!!

    it doesn’t matter. I have this weird way I feel that comes from a cross between feminist, Christian, i-don’t-care and just plain my brand of crazy. I feel, since from a Christian point of view, I would only start a relationship with a guy if God says go ahead, that kinda means I am sure we are getting married from day one. And we would just sort of discuss logistics, and fix dates. No need for an event titled ‘proposal’. Feminist wise, I feel it is partial for me to have a ring signifying I am taken, and the guy is still looking very takeaway(I have even said I would hold a ring too and propose at the same time, so we both have rings, lol).

    The crazy, I don’t care part comes up because, for the reasons I gave above,people have logical answers, like even Christian relationships have defining moments, etc etc. I don’t care. If I were the girl in your story, I’d have said my yes. Don’t need no ring for nothing. If she were my friend, I’d tell her to reconsider based on her conviction. We can probably beg the guy to throw her some small party or something though if it would make a difference, as a compromise.

    By the way, doesn’t mean I would mind if a guy takes time to plan a proposal thingy. It’s a thoughtful gesture and I’ll appreciate it for that part. I will wear the ring for picture sake. I may still not do the wearing the ring part later sha, I don’t know. But if he doesn’t, no p.


  2. Wait! He proposed without a ring and he wasn’t even romantic about it?
    A ring might just be piece of jewelry but it can also serve as a sign of commitment and so many ladies would want an assurance that he’s ready to take it to the next level, so that’s a reason for a ring.
    And at least ask in a romantic way if there’s no ring.😉 I can always pick my ring later


  3. I think she should… He might be planning something else (or not)… These things are important but the way he proposed should not be the reason they put off a marriage.. I would be angry for a while too tho..


    • Thanks for your sincere answer Ife. “the way he proposed should not be the reason they put off a marriage”….I totally agree.


  4. Knowing one another’ intentions matter. You both know you wanna get married. Period. For me, ring does not matter. What if he gives you the ring and you become “Empress of the Ring”. lol. Of what significant is then the ring. My sister, its good not to place significant weight on matter of low molecules.


    • Thanks Dr Iyiola😊. Lol @Empress of the ring. And that last statement… “its good not to place significant weight on matters of low molecules” is Toooo True!! Thanks again


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