Hello you, it so pleasant that we get to chat today. I’m excited! Ok straight to the point.

In the post “Let me die” I mentioned that two things have helped me live on earth without getting fed up with life. The first is purpose, which we talked about in the last two posts, there’s still more stuff on purpose but we’d have to live it at that for now, for more info or enquires please feel free to leave a comment here or send me an e-mail.😊

Now, the second very important thing I learnt that serves as an antidote to giving up on life is TRUST. My mobile dictionary defines trust as “having confidence in something”. Well definitions are good but allow me share my understanding of trust.

Trust is believing God is good in the face of reasonable doubt….. just allow that sink in gradually….

The state of the world today is enough to make anyone question the existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving God, there’s chaos in the world, evil is applauded and good is……well, not so recognised, the reasons to doubt God are indeed reasonable. You prayed and got no answers, you had faith yet no result, that problem still persists. Trust is looking at all these things and being able to believe (note, not just being able to say) that God is good, becasue his goodness was never a measure of the circumstances around but it is who he is.

Trust is beleiving God’s intentions are good even when he hurts you. Yes, hurts you.

God would allow you face lions, he’d allow you sail on turbulent seas, he’d allow you pass through fire, but in that moment of intense hurt, trust is the ability to look beyond what God brings our way to the ‘why‘ he brings it our way and to believe with all your heart that If he allowed it then it’s a good thing. (Disclaimer: there are moments when we suffer because of our ignorance, mistakes or disobedience, I’m not referring to those).

It’s no wonder Job could say “though he slay me, yet would I trust in Him” (Job 13:15 ) a clear satement of trust. Life makes incredible sense when we trust God, we stop trying to explain everything and every situation and we just let him…

I don’t know why God would allow innocent people suffer, i can’t explain why he’d watch a helpless child be molested, i don’t have the answers, but I do know that God is Good, sounds foolish right? Exactly! I trust him, i believe his intentions are pure and somewhere somehow there’s an explanation that makes sense but since i don’t have it, i don’t sweat it.

I don’t understand why the spirit of God would lead me to leave a well paying Job for something that offers less, or to move from a location where I’m established to one that’s uncertain, but I do know that God is Good and I trust his intentions, so even though what he asks looks unreasonable, I wilfully dive in. When he says let go of that relationship, of that job, of that money, of that fame, of those plans, I obey because I trust his intentions are the best. There are times when goat-like stubborness stops me, times when uncertainty makes me ask (not with words, but by actions) “Lord are you sure you’ve got this covered? because it sure doesn’t looking like it” in the end it’s always clear that trusting God is the better route.

If it is God, then it is good. Trust makes it easy to obey God’s word, it makes it easy to live a joy-filled fulfilling life in the midst of chaos, because you shift your gaze off resonable doubts and focus on a good God who never fails.

If you truly believe that all God has in his heart for you is good, you won’t be scared to let him take the wheels, even when his plan doesn’t look pleasant.

I had to learn Trust, it made me free.
Do you trust that God is good? How you live life is the answer


2 thoughts on “DO YOU TRUST ME?

  1. No matter the challenge one is currently facing, there are people whose situations are worse than yours….one thing that keeps me trusting in HIM….

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