Still on that matter…

This post is a day late. I’m sorry…. But I’m here now! so lets get talking….

Yes! we are still on the matter of purpose if you’ve not been following the discuss, you are two posts late! I’d just drop the link to the last two posts here so you can read them up. Post 1 and Post 2

And if you’ve been following, welcome back! We stopped here last week;
“If you believe you were created by God, then you must believe he has a reason why he made you and I think it’s only wise that you find out this reason. How? Let’s talk about it next week.”.

I’m not sure who made this statement but I’ve heard it said that where the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable, i’d like you chew on that till you digest it.

Finding your purpose its too easy, often times it is overlooked. For some reason we (humans) tend to appreciate things that are “hard to get” as opposed to things that are readily available. Well there’s no 10 steps to finding your purpose or 21 principles for a purposeful life, but there is one simple instruction that can make everything clear and lead you into a purposeful and fulfilling life, let me warn you that it’s going to sound corny but nevertheless it’s true.“You find purpose when you find God”

Too simple right? But who best to tell the purpose of a thing but he who made it. You are only allowed to reject that purpose is found in Christ on two conditions;
1. You don’t believe that you were created by God.
2. You don’t believe that God creates things for a reason.
But if you do believe the opposite of 1 and 2 above then you must agree with me that Purpose is found when you find God.

Life is like a big picture (remember the theme of this blog?) God has a big picture in mind and he created men as tiny little pieces that when put together form this big picture (kind of like a puzzle). So while the Purpose of every being created by God is to show forth his glory he has fashioned us so uniquely that we do not all fulfil this big purpose in the same way.

My purpose may be to raise Godly youths in my society by influencing them through writing about issues that concern them, yours might be to raise responsible youths by teaching them financial intelligence and another person might have been created to raise Godly youth by teaching them spiritual maturity, so we See a writer, a financial coach (for need of a better term) and a pastor fitting in one big picture- Raising Godly youth.

The great thing about knowing where you fit in is that it helps you focus your energy. So if i knew i was called to help people be good financial managers I’d spend time learning about finance, if i knew i was called to influnce people through writing i’d gather wisdom from proficient writers… you get the point right? The interesting thing about God’s purpose for us is that it’s usually something outside of us, something bigger than us, something that would influence the lives of others. Think about it, if all things are vanity and man alone lives through eternity, doesn’t it make sense that your purpose would involve investing in humanity and not vanity?

God opens our heart (by his spirit) day by day to why he made us, the specifics, and as we walk with him, in obedience to him, he leads us to fulfil purpose, His purpose. The reason we often give up halfway is because God doesn’t give us the map, he gives us a compass. A map shows the whole trail and the final destination. A compass just gives direction, and man being man, we want to know everything from start to finish but He says TRUST me and just follow the path.

So don’t just exist, live, find your why, find it in the one who made you. He said apart from me you can do nothing (John 15:5), but people succeed without knowing christ you might say, well i’d like to paraphrase thus; Apart from Christ you can do nothing that he considers of value, apart from him you can’t find that fulfilment. King Solomon having seen all there was to see in this life, having enjoyed every pleasure said this “And this is the conclusion of the whole matter, fear God and keep his commandment” (Ecclesiastes 12:13) Now won’t it be wise to listen to the wisest man that ever walked this earth?

Live makes sense when its lived on purpose. Cheers to a purposeful life.
UP NEXT:TRUST…Find out next week (or later this week)😉


6 thoughts on “Still on that matter…

  1. “Think about it, if all things are vanity and man alone lives through eternity, doesn’t it make sense that your purpose would involve investing in humanity and not vanity?”


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