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I learnt purpose….. Solomon was right when he said life is vanity upon vanity, sometimes I’m tempted to ask, what’s the whole point? When I was a child without much responsibility or understanding it was easy to wake up with no thought or plan, play, eat, sleep and do it all over again without getting fed up with these mundane things. But with age, understanding and increasing responsibility came dissatisfaction. You go to school to get a certificate so you can work and earn a living, you earn a living so you can be comfortable, but what you earn is never enough because as your earnings grow so does expenditure, then while pursuing wealth you hear from King Solomon the richest man that walked the earth that all your pursuits are nothing but vanity because having it all doesn’t gaurantee fulfilment. Then you wonder what’s the point? Lets just eat and drink for tomorrow we die (1st Corinthians 15:32)

Your life cycle is almost constant, 24hours everyday spent doing the same things (with a little changes now and then) till you can live with your eyes closed, life has become automatic, you are on autopilot. You look around you and there’s not much hope out there, people are dying of incurable diseases, the goverment is corrupt, those who work hard earn little and those who do next to nothing have fat bank accounts, you hear of wars and conflicts, of men killing their brothers and you say “God can the end just come already so we can be done with all this?

There’s beauty in this world for those who can see, but sometimes the chaos around mares this beauty and all you see is pain, injustice and death. You have to learn that if you are going to walk this earth and not reach a point where you get fed up, where you’ve had enough, where life just seems empty, there must be something worth pursuing, beyond wealth, fame, marriage, children and other vanities. A focus that drives you, that makes you wake up every morning with a spring in your step,  that something is PURPOSE.

Purpose isn’t just a Clichè, its the reason you are here (on earth), it gives you a focus, something to look forward to, it streamlines your life and gives you direction. Life makes sense when you live your purpose and when you live ON purpose, when you don’t, your life would just be episodes of trial and error and soon you’d begin to ask yourself, what’s the point?

Lets talk about Jesus for a bit. His purpose was to sacrifice his life for humanity, and he knew it, this gave him a focus, he had the option of continuing in his father’s trade as a carpenter, getting married to his childhood sweetheart and having a house full of kids, or becoming a scribe (because he knew scriptures well!!) but he didn’t, why? because He knew his purpose and those things weren’t it. What do you think gave him that extra push when men hated him, cursed him and accused him? Why did he keep going even when his own disciples that he poured so much rhema into still didn’t understand his mission? It was because he knew his purpose, he knew why he was here and he stayed focused on that.

Life makes sense when you know why you are here. Each day you’d live with a sense of urgency because you know you have a goal to meet. Living life to the fullest is not about acquiring material things, having a good home and family, raising responsible kids and dying at a good old age (these are all good things too), it’s about fulfilling purpose. JESUS died at 33, he had no wife, no kids and not much of material things, yet we still talk about him today, because he fulfilled his purpose. If you believe you were created by God, then you should also believe he has a reason why he made you and I think it’s only wise that you find out this reason. How? Let’s talk about it next week. This post is already getting too long. 😊

Remember, there’s a difference between existing and living. You live when you live on purpose, otherwise you are just another census figure; existing.


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