Hello you!!! 😆 For some weeks, my posts have been a bit like Nigerian power supply; erratic😊. I apologise. I’m not sure if i can say it wasn’t intentional, and I’m not sure if i can say it was (It’s the dilemma of my thoughts). Unfortunately, I can’t promise to stabilise soon, but i will be in this space every week with something new (all things being equal). Just a few musing for today….Enjoy.

What happens when you hit rock bottom, when you are so low you eat dust, when you’ve reached the end of the rope, burnt every bridge and now you are in checkmate. You’ve prayed, yet, no answer, you’ve put in effort to change, yet no results, you look up to heaven and mutter under your breath “but Lord you said you’d bless the labour of my hands? this sure doesn’t look like a blessing”.

What do you do on days when you search and search, but find nothing, no escape route, no prince charming to rescue sleeping beauty, no superman to save the world, your world. Your world like a pack of cards comes crashing down, like the world trade center on September 11, its a disaster. Like Chinua Achebe wrote; things fall apart and the center cannot hold. Somone put kryptonite in your palms and like Clark Kent you feel weak, very weak and helpless.

Like Tom wonders about Jerry, you can’t understand how very minute things are such a torn in your flesh, you are locked up in a tower of hurt with no escape and unlike Beauty, the beast that holds you captive ain’t so nice. All you want is some escape, a ray of hope, you won’t mind an ogre if there’s no Prince, anything just to be free, free from hurt, free from pain, from failure, from trying so hard with no success.

If life were a fairytale you would have a happy ending, and live happily ever after. But life is life, its more like a race with hurdles to jump and a price at the end, and he that holds on till the end would be saved (Mathew 24:13). So pesevere, endure the blistering cold of winter and enjoy the summer sun becasue every season has its reason, and its not to ruin you, it’s to build you. So instead of lamenting find the ‘why‘, learn the lessons and grow. I’m learning to do same, it’s hard, but its absolutely worth it. Cheers to getting it right this time!


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