Life is short…

Isn’t that an interesting statement to have in your face when we barely just started a new year? Happy new year!!

What am I doing here on a Tuesday you may ask, well, i missed last week Friday (no excuses) and I want to make up for it.☺

When I was a little younger, I read a novel about a young lady who had a near death experience that changed her perspective of life, her experience made her realise how short life is and the need to make every second matter. After reading that book, I sent my brother a text telling him I love him,  (I mean, I didn’t want my short life to end without my loved ones knowing how much they mean to me) my brother called me almost immediately to make sure I was ‘ok’, it was hilarious.

Today I still believe that life IS short (at least life here on earth), the average man has a God given life expectancy of 120 years, depending on what part of the world he’s in that might reduce by 20-40 years, now compare that with eternity (assuming you believe in eternity as I do) and you’d agree with me that life on earth is just a tiny, itsy bitsy bit of existence. Chew on that for a minute….

Done? Ok.

I looked for some qoutes on the shortness of life and i found a number, some said “life is short buy the shoes” or “life is short spend it with those who care”, but I like this one “Life is short, live it!”

Do you know that there are people that aren’t living? They are not medically dead, their heart’s still beating and all but they are actually not living, they just exist, always waiting for when their lives will start, forgetting that life started the day they were born and every day that passes is a little less life that they have left to live (please tell me you aren’t one of such people), they say life would start when they finish school, or when they get that dream Job, or when they get married or when their account balance is in seven figures, they are always waiting for some remarkable event to occur before they start living but the clock has been ticking.

Please, life is short, so don’t just exist, LIVE! You have talent, use it; you have ideas, build them; you have dreams, actualise them,  don’t just live in your thoughts or dreams, live in real life, because the clock is ticking. There’s no time to dwell in mediocrity, no time to hold grudges, there’s no time to wait, start today, see the beauty around you, appreciate it, make the most of relationships, loved ones and friends,  just live, live, live! Because before you know it all your hair would be grey (if it isnt already) and sadly the clock doesn’t tick anti-clockwiswe.

I’ve found that a good way to live is to give to lives, because in the end everything else fades away, but when you touch a life, its an eternal gift. So in your zeal to live, remember that living isn’t really about acquiring success or fame or money, its about impacting other lives with those things, and you don’t need a particular status or age to touch lives, it’s in the simplest of things, a smile, an act of kidness, a word of hope to the hopless (and yes, if you have the means, do the big things too), these are acts of living that bring eternal fruits. The lives around you won’t be there forever so ‘live into‘ them while you can (hope that makes sense 😊).

Finally, the best way to live is to live in Jesus, He’s the only one that can teach you how to live this short life and still make maximum impact (After all he lived 33 years on earth, and this was over two thousand years ago, yet we still talk about the impact he made till today), He gives a peace that allows you live without any fear, He brings a meaning to life that nothing else can, success and fame are good, but when it’s in Jesus its even better, finally it’s only in and through Christ that you can truly impact lives, not just the body but the soul too.

Live life, start today.
The clock is ticking, Tick, tock, tick , tock….


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