It’s 3am and sleep seems to elude me. I hardly slept for up to 4hours last night and i didn’t sleep all day too, O sleep where has thou gone?. So this is me putting my insomnia to good use☺.

It’s been a while we had a poem here right? So why don’t we spin one now?!

It’s past 3am and my lids still won’t slide shut,
It was an exciting yesterday, i thought fatigue would have swallowed this awakeness,
But still my mind’s racing, running around this maze of thoughts, it just wont stop.

I’m writing a list, and dancing to some beats while wishing for sleep,
For a moment i wonder upon my life, and who it revolves around, My Jesus,
Then thoughts shift to family, those that don’t understand why I’m this crazy about a man I never saw,
Soon my mind sprints to friends I love and those from whom I’ve grown apart
This is a marathon.

So now I’m rambling, hoping you can follow this thread,
Where does it all connect, where does it stop.

A young girl approached me last night, dressed in funny clothes and ancient shoes,
She had a weighing scale held tightly to her chest
” check your weight for N50, i need it to pay my fees”, those were how words,
What do you make of this?

This lack of sleep is intoxicating,
I’ve never been drunk on wine but i feel my head spinning,

Even now as I stiffle a yawn, I hope you can follow this thread.
Call this musings, ramblings, or the ceaseless banter of a sleep derived brain
Whichever suits best. I call it my thoughts….

Like a collage, there’s no rhyme, no rhythm, no flow
Just a couple of disjointed lines
Isn’t that life sometimes?
yet we must keep at it till the pieces begin to fit together and make sense.

Let me end with this phrase, often used as we end debates
“With these few words of mine, i hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you….”
Convince you of what? you might ask, I too wonder at that,
And i came up with this,
Convince you that individual fractions of your life may not make sense (just like this poem) but He (God most high) is crafting some mind blowing artwork with all this.
Take a step back, take a good look and you’d see the sense in it.

P.s-I’m sleepy now (therapeutic writing😊), goodnight.

Welcome to december. Remember, JESUS RULES!!

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