He is everywhere!!

Hello reader, how was your week?

I had something totally different planned out for this blog post but looking back at the week, I thought it better to just share some interesting new piece that has been added to the collage I call my life and what new lesson I’ve learnt by that addition.😊

I believe life is like art, like a collage, made up different, unrelated, mundane pieces which do not make much sense on their own, but come together to form a big picture that makes beautiful sense. Hence the theme of this blog “See the big picture”. So I’ve had some little experiences this week that have helped me catch a glimpse of that big picture again.

On a number of days this week, I had to Jump out of bed and into a day full of activities, with little but a few seconds to say “thank you Jesus for a new day” before runing off. I do believe starting my day with some sweet fellowship with Jesus is the bestest best way to begin. But those days when i had to rush out, i was reminded of something, God is everywhere! I might not get to say a prayer or look into the word, but even as i walk to my place of primary assigment, i can commune with my heavenly father on the go, Isn’t that just awesome! Of course this doesn’t replace quality time spent in his presence but it was just a sweet realisation to know that i didn’t have to miss out completely, I can speak  to God anywhere and everywhere. Crazy-busy days would come, so its such a valuable excercise to cultivate the habit of keeping an uncluttered heart where we can commune even on the go. (of course I also learnt that i have to manage my time better so i dont always have to hurry out in the mornings😄)

Something else i saw this week is how human I am! You know sometimes we get to think we are like Clark Kent with some superhuman powers, we think we are above some certain faults and mistakes and its easy to become conceited, especially as Christians, we forget that the only good thing in us is Jesus and we without him is equal to DIRT. I saw myself exhibit a number of traits I thought i had done away with, I saw anger, I saw Jelousy, I saw pride, and I saw worry, all this filth oozing out of my heart, and I was reminded of my ‘humaness’, I think i had forgotten that its only in leaning on Jesus that I can be a better person, the minute i start thinking I am all grown up in Christ and I am good in myself, I start slipping. My heart by itself has nothing good in it, and the only Good in me Is Christ Jesus.

No wonder the bible says;

Therefore let anyone who thinks he stands [who feels sure that he has a steadfast mind and is standing firm], take heed lest he fall [into sin].
1st Corinthians 10:12


I need Jesus, we all do, and it’s not just for redemption, its beyond that moment when we ask him into our hearts, its beyond that point when we ask him to be Lord over our lives. We need him every day, every hour, every minute and every second, we need him more than we need air. Without air, our bodies would die, without Christ, our spirits would also die, and which is more important to salvage? a body that has a limited existence or a spirit that has been made to live eternally.

I’m just grateful for the oppurtunity to see clearly my bereftness, because it’s only then that I can see ever so clearly how much I need Jesus.


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