Start where you are.

This weekend hit me like a whirlwind! unexpected, leaving me disheaveled and a bit confused. I’m still trying to find me bearings. Whew!

With that i say hello, darling reader,😊 I’m glad its weekend and i hope it doesn’t run out before you get a chance to enjoy it.

Remember the post I had planned out for last week but didn’t post because of something that happened to a friend? (Just in case you forgot, check it out Here), well this is it! Enjoy.

You know how there’s that one project you’ve been meaning to start, that assigment you’ve been meaning to complete, that place you’ve been meaning to go, that call you’ve been meaning to make, that group you’ve been meaning to join, that skill you’ve been meaning to acquire (i can go on and on with this😀) but you are yet to do/go/make/join e.t.c. because things aren’t just right yet? There’s just that something, somewhere, that needs to be in place first? That’s what this is all about.

A friend of mine has been working on a project, it’s almost completed and it’s something that should go public once she’s done but for the longest time she’s been stalling, to the point that my excitement about the matter has all but dissipated. Why is she stalling? Well, beacuse one tiny, itsy-bitsy detail hasn’t been put in place yet, and in my opinion, she can go ahead with the project, but so far she hasn’t, and everytime i see the almost finished work it saddens me.😟

There are times when it is really necessary to settle every little detail before setting out, but those times are few in a lifetime. But let’s be honest with oursleves, many times, we can move ahead with the little we have in place, while believing that other details would fall in place along the way. But for some reasons best known to you (and I) we refuse to start ANYTHING until EVERYTHING is complete and set exactly the way we want. The problem here is that in most cases, we end up doing NOTHING at all. Its like missing a big sumptuous piece of cake because you were waiting for the right spoon (isn’t that just sad?).

At least my friend above had started the project, her problem was refusing to finish till she had one tiny detail completed. Sometimes, we don’t even start the project AT ALL without having all details complete. I remember when i wanted to learn to play table tennis, I had a bat, I had the ball but I had no table (of course I had tables, but i did not just have THE table) and you can guess, I never learnt how to play. I wanted the complete set up before anything else, even the skill. I was foolish, don’t be like me.

It’s great to have an eye for detail, its beautiful to always want things to be as close to perfect as possible, but sometimes its wise to start where you are, because if you wait for too long, you may never start at all.

So cheers to starting and finishing all those ideas that you’ve never lived in reality, and all those projects that you’ve allowed to lie dormant 😉.


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