Life as a waveform.

Hello you, this post is a bit late and I apologise, I hope i am forgiven? (If you look into my puppy eyes, you would have no choice). it’s a pity i can no longer say TGIF 😔 but I’m mighty glad to see saturday too… so TGIS 😊.

Up until this point, i haven’t titled this post. Because i don’t even know what I am to write about yet. But I’m going to keep typing and hopefully something good would come out of this.

I seem to be at a loss alot these days on what to share with you, my darling reader. There used to be days when i had posts written and saved just waiting to be posted at the right time. Things change i guess, sometimes it’s up, sometimes down, other times it just flat.

Many times, life can seem like in wave form, in fact not ‘many times’, Life IS a wave form. If we could plot the events of our existence, i believe we’d obtain a very nice wave form with many crests (high points) and many troughs (low points) and then throw in some baseline moments  (times when things just seem static) and thats it! Life.

If you don’t believe me, take a few moments now and plot your’s from as far back as you can remember till now and you’d see. Yes there are those of us who have had more troughs than others, and there are those who have had more crests too, but bottom line, its never a straight line.

I think I’m in a trough presently, for a number of reasons, one of which is the paucity of inspiration to write. But then i remember that the whole idea of “My Collage” is to see how the different disjointed parts of our lives come together to make a whole that makes sense.

In these low moments, i realise two things, first of all, that I’m not ‘almighty’- There are times i feel lost and confused, i make mistakes and wrong choices, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, its just part of the process towards my perfection. The second thing i realise is that i can sympatise with others in the troughs like i am. When i see them from my high horse points, I’m most often unsympathetic and without compassion, but being low myself helps me appreciate that everyone needs help, everyone needs grace, and i can better understand how to be there for them.

So where are you now? High? low? Or basline? Enjoy it, learn the lessons and be grateful. Because it sure won’t last forever.

JESUS RULES, and I’m glad he loves me! And you😉





2 thoughts on “Life as a waveform.

  1. Lovely piece today… Such inspiring vibes flowing forth from banality and everyday-ish blandness of living… Just made those listless moments I experience now feel beautiful and lively. Smilezzz


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