The man I love.

Hello friday 😊, and hello you. This week went by like a flash for me, and i cant believe friday is here. But either way am glad because I’m alive and kicking (not literally though😊).

So let me tell you about someone, I can percieve somone saying, “we already know what this is all about” well if you know me, or you’ve been following this blog then your guess is probably right.

We met on and off in the first few years of my life, right from the time i could decipher the meaning of words and actions, but he always seemed somewhat far away, just an idea, never tangible, never real. As years passed, i grew older, still this wonderful man always seemed to be somewhere around the corner, he wanted a frienship with me, I was told, but i couldn’t understand it, he seemed to me as a stranger, why did he want me? Life went on. My parents said he was a good and trustworthy man, they told me alot about him, they told me of the promises he was ready to fuilfil if only I’d accept him, but still i couldn’t fully grasp it, however i felt they knew better, so i succumbed. I let him in.

The first few years were something, I seemed to be learning more and more about him, but never truly understanding any of it. I knew he was right, i did what he asked,  I even did it so zealously, people could see a difference in me, but i knew something was missing. We were together but not together. I followed him with my head, but my heart was far and so one day, I fell.

Not to to the floor but out of touch. Out of touch with this wonderful man, i think it happened gradually, little by little till we were so far apart, i still heard his voice from time to time everyone around thought we were in sync, still best of friends, still in love, but I knew in my heart that we were far apart. So far apart

Days passed, weeks, months and then some years. My heart was empty, i could feel it, like a big hole had been carved in it and somedays i could hardly even breathe, what was happening to me? Everything was fine on the outside but something was missing within. For some reason, he came around again, offering friendship, I looked at the emptiness of my heart and thought “what do i have to loose? “. But this time things were different, i could feel him drawing my heart to him, filling it with his amazing love, a lilttle at a time, I began to understand his thoughts towards me, not because i was told, not because i had read about it but because I was experiencing it.

That was a few years ago…. Today, when i breathe in and out with ease, i remember the vacuum that used to be my heart and how hard it was to breathe. Something changed when I met Jesus. And i can’t but talk about him all the time. He is the man I love today, tomorrow, forever. He completes me!!

If you have a story like mine, I’d love to hear it.☺ Send me a mail or drop a comment below. Have a love-filled weekend!


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