Ordinary people…2

Hello you, hope you had a great week ๐Ÿ˜Š. Ordinary people continues today, join me as we learn lessons from the lives of people we cross paths with everyday. Enjoy…

Sitting in the bus, i felt so much like sardine in a sardine can. The bus was tight and stuffy and the chairs were hard and uncomfortable. The atmosphere in the bus was enough to put any happy person in a bad mood. Being the last passenger, i sat next to the door and I had to try as much as possible not to lean even lightly on it because already it looked like a number of nuts and hinges were missing. Majority of the passengers in the bus were adults mostly headed for work i suppose. Two children sat beside me, one sitting on the lap of the other, their school uniform indicating their most likely destination.

I could hardly turn around to peer at the sit behind me, but in the front seat was a young man smartly dressed with a laptop bag on his laps and beside him was an older woman whose head gear was threatening to fall off her head as the driver tried to navigate the potholes in the road. The conductor was perching on the seat just behind me, not exactly sitting and not exactly standing, its kind off difficult to explain these things but lets just agree that he was somehow still within the bus.๐Ÿ˜Š

The driver was quite a character to behold, with his dark brown hair that seemed to be coiling into dreadlocks and his white tee-shirt that had obviously seen better days. He drove like a mad man and a number of times other passengers had to caution him to take things easy. Where I sat, clinging to myself for my dear life, i could only pray to reach my bus stop as soon as possible. The thought was still on my mind when suddenly the driver took a sharp turn and i found myself almost half way out of the bus before i was jolted back in by another turn in the oposite direction. Obviously others had been tossed about too and once again people began to complain, this time angrily. But our dear driver refused to even apologize, he just continued on his way like we were flies buzzing in his ears.

I was still trying to recover and make sure no vital parts of mine were missing when the gentle man in the front seat began talking to the driver, i couldn’t hear the words but i could tell he was trying to correct him. Just like a dam let loose, the driver flared up and started shouting back at the man calling him names that made me cringe, everyone went quite, waiting for the guy to retaliate, shout back or do something, but he just sat back in his sit and went mute. When it was finalky obvious that the gentleman wasn’t going to respond, the driver kept quite. As much as I had been quiet all the while, I couldn’t help but speak now, while others in the bus took it upon themselves to insult the driver back for lashing out when corrected, i tapped the shoulder of this gentle man and when he turned i asked “Why did you allow the guy talk to you like that without even a word in reply?” He looked at me and said “I’ve learnt to choose my battles, this one wasn’t worth fighting” At that moment, i noticed the driver had stopped at my bus stop, he was still hissing and having words with the other passengers, I wanted to say more to the man in the front seat but i couldn’t. As i alighted from the bus I thought over his words again and i flashed back on how many times i had fought when i should have kept calm and held my peace. This was my second lesson for the day.
Walking the rest of the way to the office complex were i worked, I thought of the old man I had seen on my street that morning; joyfully doing his menial job, and this young man whohad acted in wisdom and I sighed. There’s quite a lot one has to learn in life.

Thats all folks. Till next week….#JESUSRULES.

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