My Darling Child…

Every time I look at you as you sleep peacefully in my arms I’m amazed,
Amazed at the fact that you came out of me,
Literally came out of ME,
Amazed that for a few months, you were an aquatic creature,
But now you breathe in air.
It amazes me how your tiny body is able to produce such high decibels when you cry.
Your tiny fragile palms wrapped around my little finger makes me smile,
You are so beautiful that I could cry,
Tears which taste of my love for you,
My little darling child.

Staring at your little feet,
It beats my imagination that in a few years I’d find it hard to keep pace with these feet.
Now you are so peaceful, but already I see mischief in your smile as you sleep,
And I say to myself, this one is going to take after me.
I imagine the day when those pink lips of yours would finally call out words that I can understand,
The day when you would call me mother.
I think you would make a great singer,
Because already your gibberish sounds like music to my ears.

You are a gift that I would treasure forever,
And I make a hundred promises in my heart,
To protect you with my life,
To groom you in the Light,
To do everything right by you my child,
Because you are so much a part of me.

When I open my eyes, my arms are empty,
Because you my darling child are only in my heart,
But I look forward to the day I finally get to meet you,
In the flesh.


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