My Journey 3…

TGIF!! I couldn’t be happier to see the weekend. It’s been one of those weeks when you feel like you are constantly moving ahead of yourself!☺. I’m glad to see the week end finally, and to share with you the last part of my Journey. If you missed the preceeding parts find them here My Journey 1 and here My journey 2.

Last week I talked about my second turning point, which was ‘changing my focus’. Sincerely I have a lot more to share but I think this is the last post I’d be writing on this journey. You can send me a mail if you want to here more about this gist😊 (folanubi

I’m still on the Journey of discovering God’s plan for marriage and I know I won’t stop learning not even after I get married but I have reached the point where I’m no longer scared, because I know marriage was ordained by God, I know it’s a good thing and I also know that if I keep in step with the creator of this Good thing then it is impossible that I’d miss it or have a failed marriage. You see Matthew 6:33 says “seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things (including a good marriage) would be added to you”. God has made things really easy for us but our problem most times is that it looks so easy that we refuse to believe it can be that way. We tend to struggle to seek everything else first then we include Jesus when we have struggled without success. Get it right from the start dear, If your aim is to be happily married, you can read all the good books on marriage, listen to great messages, work hard at it and still miss it for one simple reason, you were seeking the “other things” first.
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for us to make Jesus Lord first before anything or anyone else. Life would run much more smoothly if we do this. I’m not saying there won’t be challenges but even in the challenges you won’t be perturbed because the one who owns life itself has your back. So we are not going to get married because marriage can make us happy (I’m happy as can be already!), or because it can complete us (only our creator can do that), or because we are lonely (you can be lonely even in a crowd), we’d do it for the right reasons (i spoke about this in earlier posts).
I hope you get the point.

My fear for marriage died the day I turned my focus to seeking Christ (not necessarily because of marriage but because I want a sweet fellowship with him, but in building that fellowship, he showed me how beautiful marriage can be, he showed me that marriage on earth is just a small imitation of the relationship I share with him, he changed my focus and he has taught me the Truth, not the facts or statistics that we hear every day. I’ve learnt that to stop thinking about what I can gain from it, (which is a selfish point of view, and would always leave you wondering “what if I don’t get all what I expect?”) But instead to think of what I can give to it (which is what Love would think anyway).

So I’d say thi, marriage is God’s design, and it is beautiful. You need to start believing that and start telling yourself that you can have a wonderful married life, not because I said so, but because that’s the way God planned it. And having believed this, you need to stop trying to make it possible by your own strength and let God do it. The only work we’ve been given is to seek HIM first. In seeking him, you’d get all the wisdom you need to have a great marriage and a great life.

I have so much more on my heart but my Job isn’t to tell you everything, it’s just to spur you to start your own journey of fear to faith. I believe that God would marvelously help you the same way he did me. The devil wants to keep you bound in fear, but God says he has set you free.So please, when you’ve discovered the truth for yourself, don’t hoard it many more people need to hear these things. Cheers to having the most beautiful married Life the world has ever seen. It will come to pass because Jesus rules and he loves you too much!

P.S- Let me just add this, for those who have no fears concerning marriage or have already overcome their fears, don’t be too comfy, just waiting for marriage to happen. Use your single years to prepare for it. Most of the things expected of us in marriage are things we can start working on as singles. Read good books (emphasis on GOOD), listen to the counsel of wise people (emphasis on wise), learn to be kind, learn respect, learn to love, learn to submit to authority, learn to show concern, take care of little kids around you…. Etc. If you’ve been building all these little virtues as a single person, I doubt it would be very hard to continue acting them out with the one you eventually decide to share life with.
Keep this in mind, the name wife/husband is not a title bestowed on you because you have a spouse or a ring on your finger, it’s a personality. So start now!

Have a lovely weekend dears.

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