My secret love

I don’t know what it is about you,
But I know I’m in love with you.
The way you sparkle and glow in the morning,
Like a beautiful bride gliding down the aisle to her prince charming,
captures my heart and all I can do is sigh.
A deep long sigh, like that of a sailor that has finally reached shore
After an endless voyage on the never ending sea.

You appear before my eyes like a flower in full bloom,
Your form, like petals soft to touch.
You open up to me like a dream, too good to be true,
your fragrant beauty captivates my heart.
I’m satisfied to just gaze upon you in wonder,
Lost in the magnificence of your splendor.

I remember when I first discovered your beauty,
I had seen you ever so often,
Never had I stopped to take a second look,
but for the first time my eyes were truly opened,
And all I could do was stare with mouth wide open.
Oh! what beauty I had by-passed everyday,
You were like a miracle, happening before my very eyes.
You swept me off my feet and I must have touched earth really hard,
Because I’m yet to recover from that moment of impact,
There’s no doubt, I FELL in love.

I had hoped to keep this love a secret,
Treasured in the deepest recesses of my heart,
Far away from the prying eyes of the curious,
But how would I explain why I stare at you ever so often?
Soon it would become clear to all that I’m besotted with you.
Already friends wonder why I’m so ecstatic around you,
Or why the sight of you leaves me at a loss for words,
So before they come and inquire,
I must tell of my secret love that can’t be a secret much longer.

I’m in love with Nature.
And now the whole world knows…

4 thoughts on “My secret love

  1. Nice and lovely, I will probably cram the words and use it on a girl, I’m sure she would fall in love instantly.


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