My Journey 2.

Hello darlings, i can’t believe it’s just a week since i wrote the first part of ‘my Journey’…it feels like ages, it feels too long (see how i miss you? 😊). So it’s totally awesome to be back here to continue to give you the gist about my journey towards freedom. I call it that because truly, a wrong mindset is like a prison yard, it holds you bound and blinds you from seeing things clearly, if u missed the first part find it Here.

I hope we all have a clear understanding now about what marriage is, that’s the foundation without it there’s nothing to build on.

So step two. I spoke (or rather wrote) about how there were no good marriages around me to give me hope, remember? Around the time my heart was being renewed, a number of people began to come into my life. Through their books, through their messages, through their blogs and even in person. Suddenly it was like the horizon was filled with a lot of people that had working marriages and a flicker of hope began to light up in my heart. Right before my eyes were people that had marriages that weren’t just working but were actually happy.

So here’s the thing I had to shift my focus, as far as I kept seeing failing homes, it was going to be very hard for my mindset to change. Your focus determines your mindset to a large extent. Remember Joshua and Caleb who went to spy the land of cannan? They focused on the good in the land and were able to declare that they could have it, but the others focused on the Giants and were too scared to possess the land.
So we can’t keep looking in the wrong places and expect our hearts to change. We look in the wrong places in two ways; we are either watching too many romantic flicks which give us a very false perspective of how things should be or we are so focused on the statistics on divorce rates and broken homes which also blind us to God’s truth. Let me say this, there are marriages out there that are working even as there are those that are failing. It’s your choice what you focus on.

Now you know what marriage is, it’s time to look for those who have put that correct view of marriage into practice and learn from them. For me I didn’t really go searching, God brought them to me. He can do same for you if you’d open up your heart to Him. The problem is we are so used to seeing failing unions that even when the good ones come into view, it just seems too good to be true and so we convince ourselves that they are just pretending, we say to ourselves, “people can’t really be that happy…naaa” and we miss the view God is trying to give us.

So let me ask you, are you ready to start believing that a great marriage is possible? Irrespective of the home you grew up in, irrespective of the statistics in the news? Are you ready to start seeing things God’s way? In reality, seeing things God’s way may make it seem like you are in the minority but if you would be bold enough to stand on His side, you would be glad that you did.

So this was my second turning point. Discovering these couples (I call them my mentors for marriage) wasn’t just so I could watch them and be all mushy about their lovelife, it was so I could learn from them, and trust me I’ve learnt a whole lot, including some pretty hard truths, but all put together, they are things that I know would continue to impact me for a very long time.

So I encourage you, if you haven’t done this already. You can start today. You don’t need to go around like a scavenger. Just say a simple prayer and God would open your eyes. I realized that Good marriages are all around us we’ve just been blind or short-sighted.
This is all for today Loves. The Journey continues next week.😉

Jesusrules# and he loves you too much!

One thought on “My Journey 2.

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