As I watch the rain drops fall from the sky to the ground
I can smell the dust that rises from the earth into the atmosphere

That enchanting smell of rain when the ground has been dry a long time 
It’s fascinates me.

I hear the rain drop on the rooftop over my head
It sounds like music
Slow at first then gradually increasing reaching a crescendo
it’s like poetry.

I see poetry in everything,
in science, in art, in God.
To me God is a poet,
every intricate design a sign of his artistry
His words, powerful, pouring forth like a rushing wind
Or gentle, like waves caressing the sea shore
Everything he crafted pours forth poetry.

The stars as they twinkle in the sky
Tempting one to reach forth and take a pick of glittering light
The moon as it shift-changes,  
from full, to half, to crescent, as the days go by
I watch it like an animated child
Wondering when it would be full-moon again.

The trees as they swing back and forth
dancing to the rhythm of the wind which rustles their leaves
making a wushing sound that’s music to my ears.

The birds as they converse with each other
in words and sounds that I can’t decipher,
they take flight into the sky, as I look on in wonder.
Then I look at me, the form of me,
from my head to my toe the intricate design of me,
how my voice bubbles up out of my chest
sometimes strong and commanding other times soft like a whisper.

I look around me and I come to this conclusion;
Nature is poetry and God is a poet.

Have a lovely ‘rest-of-the’week’😊….remember, JESUSRULES#

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