Fifth entry…

Hello you😉….How was Easter at your end? Great I hope. Today I’mback with a post in my ‘overactive mind series…a newly written entry😊. ENJOY!

12th APRIL 2016

There’s been this matter on my overactive mind for sometime, it comes and goes, never enough to set me to thinking but just like a blinking light I know its prescence. Today the light came on again, with enough activation energy to initiate a reaction and now i’m writing as i think. So what’s this thought that has me hitting on my keyboard keys tonight?
STANDARD, yes that’s it, standard. good standard, bad standard, substandard e.t.c let me take you back to where it all began or at least close enough so we can flow together.
I was in a sunday school class sometime last year when the question was asked “what should be our standard as beliver’s in a world where right vs wrong is hard to decipher?” of course the answer was quite obvious, The Word of God. It made perfect sense, till someone raised a valid point that began this chain reaction in me head, he said “what do we do when everyone seems to have his own interpretation of the word and now we seem to have many versions of the standard?” sitting in that audience, it seemed like new light burst forth in my heart and I began to ponder over this.
Truth be said, we live in a time where everyone seeems to have his own interpretation, and the phrase “as the spirit leads has gained so much popularity, what baffels me is that the same spirit seems to be saying a whole lot of different stuff. There’s so much room for diversity, to some, some things are outrightly wrong, to others its just wrong, to yet another the same thing is pardonable and yet to some its quite ok. Is it truly possible that the same God that we read about in scriptures who seemed to be so definite about what pleases him and what does not, would be so flexible as to accept some things from one person and frown at it from another? does God change his standard per person or are we the ones watering it down with our differnt ‘interpretations’…..?
like i said these thoughts have been blinking in my heart for a while, but today I listened to a Lady talk about standard and that blinking light stayed on long enough for me to find my laptop and start typing. So what do you think? i’d really like to know, but let me just share with you how far this mind of mine has pondered.
I Believe God has a standard that’s unmovable, come on, he’s God, if he was always changing, accepting this here and rejecting it there then he’d be inconsistent and not God at all, better put he’d be a MAN. why do you think Jesus had to come and die? because God couldnt have found another way? at all.. it was because from the inception of man kind God’s standard had always been this -for there to be remission of sins, blood MUST be shed (same reason the isrealites had to kill all those fattened goats and chickens..they almost made livestock So although it hurt God so much, it tore at his heart so bad, He being God could not go below his standard..blood had to flow! God isn’t going to shift a bit for any man, if he has said it can only be done this way then he sure means that it can only be done that way.
So why then do we say “as the spirit leads”? shouldn’t there be only one way? sometimes i feel we use that phrase just to play safe, the only thing I truly see the Spirit leading us to do is into an understanding of who God is so we can become convinced that THIS is his standard and live in obedience to it.
Finally le me just say that understanding God’s standard would first involve emptying our hearts of all that you have formerly known and allowing the Spirit teach you again from kindergarteen. Our culture, upringing and even church denominations have done us some disservice in that there are some things that we hold as God’s standard that are just man made rules. Some of us even have a standard that is ‘hgher’ than God’s, in our bid to live up to His we have saddled ourselves with so much do’s and dont’s, things that don’t move Him an inch!
So in essesnce, its either of two ways, we are either watering it down or raising the bar. God doesn’t need either. Lets allow our hearts be taught the truth from the very start.
whew..I think i’ve exhausted mind-power as far as this is concerned. my Mind would Go to rest now, till another thought awakens it into an hyperactive state.


5 thoughts on “Fifth entry…

  1. Thanks again….
    You keep addressing arising thoughts in my mind one after the another as I read through. Thank you…. Again.


  2. I’ve always been of the opinion of striking a balance, whether in teaching, preaching, etc so people don’t fall into error cause it appears as though with every biblical subject, there’s a main road of truth with a ditch of error on either side of the road and people (the church/ believers), usually have a hard time staying in d middle of d road…lol. Its easy to fall into the ditch on one side of the road or the other, as a result of so many factors………
    #Let me not start another post biko. #okbye.


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