The Race…

Hi everyone….I have a short piece today, poetry wednesday…enjoy

It could be a crazy race sometimes
When we start from the finish line
Its not always our fault when it happens so
Many a time its because ignorance is our guide.
When we begin the journey at the end,
Where do we hope to arrive at?
What’s the destination?
We lose our sense of direction
We are blown by the wind,
Carried away by the tide
We are headed for nowhere.

If we are quick enough to change our course
And start at the point that says ‘start’
Then there’s hope that we may finish the race after all
Because life is not just about the distance that you go
Its about the direction in which we flow
For to start at the end is to miss the point
And God help us if we are so wrong.

P.s moral lesson is, dont rush into things, be it projects, friendship e.t.c….take a moment and think, “Where do i begin?”. See you on friday. Always remember, Jesusrules#

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