Dreamer…part 7

Hello you, its friday again!!! I’m so sorry i missed poetry wednesday, this week has been ‘wonder-full’ …😁.. Anyway we are back and today we’d continue with our long short story. Last week our Dreamer was being brought into the knowledge of her affinity for Caleb. Lets see how thats going shall we?…….

(Catch last week’s story Here ).

…… Two weeks were over too soon and Caleb returned to Abuja. His departure left me with mixed feelings. Joy, that I could get back to my normal life and forget what an amazing period of discovery the last few weeks had been. Hurt, because I knew that no matter what my reservations were I was definitely going to miss him.

Setteled back into my normal routine, I tried to put Caleb out of my mind, but much to my dismay the distance didn’t do much to erase him from my heart. We kept communicating on a regular basis, via calls, texts and chats. With each new page that was opened I saw another aspect of his personality that left me speechless and I kept asking myself how could someone be this great? I could share anything and everything with him, he was an awesome friend, motivator, and my biggest fan, consistent and caring too. I was just awed.  A really beautiful friendship had blossomed from what started as two weird dreams and an awkward phone call. But I realized that in all the time that had passed no intentions had been stated. I wasn’t really perturbed because I was having a rather good time getting to know him as a friend. My mum on the other hand was seriously praying for a proposal, I couldn’t blame her, she didn’t want to watch me grow old in her husband’s house.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, before I knew it, it was December, and Caleb was coming home for Christmas! Six months had passed since our cool friendship started, permit me to call it ‘cool’ because i had never had a better buddy, even with all the distance he still managed to make his presence felt, it had been a completely awesome experience, and though i was eventually learning that he wasn’t perfect after all (sadly😊), I must confess that he was one of the best male friends I’d ever had, he was there to give advice wen i needed it, there to laugh when it was ‘playtime’ there to tell me the plain truth when i least wanted to hear it, there to pray with me when issues arose…He was just Caleb! And i I was so excited that I was going to be seeing him again after such a long time.

The morning he was to arrive I must have glowed like a halogen lamp as I walked around the house with a broad smile on my face, even my sister thought I appeared a little crazy. Of course I knew I wasn’t going to see him till the next day which was Sunday but knowing we were just a few kilometers apart made me giddy with excitement. I kept telling myself that i was just glad I’d be seeing my best pal for the first time since we became best pals, everyone else at home said I had the glow of a woman in Love… people and their over-perception though, I rolled my eyes.

Later that evening i was standing in front of my wardrobe, trying to decide what dress to wear for church the next day when the door bell rang, I heard my little sister run out of her room to get it and i wondered why all the enthusiasm about the doorbell, it was very unlike her. I was still on that thought when I heard her scream my name. I panicked for a moment and ran out to see what had happened, right before my eyes in my Father’s living room was Caleb in the flesh! I couldn’t believe it. He looked a lot better than I remembered. He gave me a big hug and proceded to ruffle my hair, i was still trying to recover from the suprise while my sister stared at us and shook her head. As she left the living room she said “you two look like little kids” we laughed so hard till we had tears in our eyes. When we finally settled down I wanted to know everything about his trip and why the suprise visit. I asked so many questions at the same time and he just stared at me and smiled I was so excited that I was talking too much. Finally I managed to control my tongue and keep shut giving him the space to speak. When he did reply, He said he couldn’t have waited till Sunday to see me and he had something really important to tell me. At this point, he’s facd got serious, and I got a bit worried. What could be so important that he couldn’t have waited till we saw on sunday? 

A thousand thoughts ran through my head and most of them weren’t good, could something bad have happened? I couldn’t imagine what that could be. The thoughts were still in my head when I saw him go down on one knee, he brought out a tiny red box from his pocket and opened it, a very beautiful ring gleamed at me, it was silver plated with tiny glittering stones, he knew I didn’t like gold. My eyes grew so big and my pulse began to race, what in God’s name was he doing? I heard the words “I can’t think of a better way for us to continue this beautiul journey than as man and wife, I know you are a help meet for me and I’m asking you to marry me”…

Seconds passed, the air seemed to get a bit hotter, I sat there like a rock staring at the ring, I couldn’t bear to look him in the face, I hadn’t expected this. I knew we had grown close, but I really wasn’t ready for this yet. I couldn’t respond, I just couldn’t. I just kept shaking my head from side to side I didn’t even realize tears were running down my cheeks till he took my hand and said “hey, what’s the matter”. I touched my fingers to my cheeks and they were wet. I couldn’t do this. I pulled my had from his grasp, got up and ran out of the living room leaving behind a very confused man. In the passageway, I passed by my mum and sister, they had obviously been eavesdropping, I think Caleb must have told them of his intentions earlier. My mum said nothing as I ran past her to my room and shut the door, I fell on my bed and then the dam burst, as tears flowed from my eyes, i asked myself, What did I just do?……

Thats it folks. remember, #Jesusrules….

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