Dreamer…Part 6

Its friday! Yipeee! We get to continue our story ‘Dreamer’…lets find out what’s happening with Caleb and our dreamer!😊. Enjoy.

If you missed last week’s ‘episode’ catch up Here

Something was definitely up…….For the rest of the day I couldn’t really focus on anything, my mind kept trying to process and make meaning of what was going on. I was glad when the day was finally over but at the same time I was very nervous about my date with Caleb. I said a word of prayer as I left the office. What’s the worst that could happen?

He was waiting at the agreed meeting place before I arrived; it was a nice eatery, nothing extravagant or intimate. He seemed pretty excited to see me, he’s smile was so broad I couldn’t help but smile back I had never seen him so jovial before. He hugged me, like really hugged me not the brother-sister type that he gave in church. We settled down, placed our orders and talked about general things while waiting for our food. I found myself getting really comfortable. When the food finally came, the gist continued, a little deeper now, we shared our views on practically everything from music to politics even marriage, I would never have guessed that we could be so alike in our thinking neither did I suspect that he could be so free, open and jovial. Where was the stiff young man that I had seen every Sunday in church while growing up? I couldn’t reconcile that image with this funny and interesting person seated right in front of me. I was enjoying myself so much that i didn’t even realize when two hours flew by and we were still talking. When i looked at my watch, my eyes grew wide with suprise, I knew we’d have to goodnight soon because it was getting late. I kept quiet for a while and he asked “what’s going through your mind?” I looked at him and said with a really serious face “I feel like I just met you for the first time” he smiled, the same wide, dazzling smile that had been blinding me all evening, then he said “there’s a lot about me that you don’t know” . I thought about it for a moment and nodded he was definitely right, there seemed to be a lot I didn’t know.

I drove all the way home with a puzzled smile on my face, not in my wildest dreams had I expected to enjoy myself so much, but I had. Halfway home, i realized that in all our talk the main issue itself had been completely forgotten, why he had called me at 2am in the morning.

Caleb had three days left of his leave from work, I got to know this the second time we went out together, it had been his idea and I had agreed without hesitation. In my mind I told myself I had only agreed so we could deal with our unfinished business, but in the deepest part of my heart I knew that it was my curiosity to find out more about he’s unveiling personality that drove me. I just couldn’t lie to myself, I was really interested in him. Nothing serious though, just interested in getting to really know him.

Our second ‘meeting’ was even more interesting than the first, I got to know more about his mind-set, his principles, what drove him, his love for God and his future plans. I sat there and listened with rapt attention and all through the time we spoke one thought was going through my mind “why is a great guy like this not married yet?” he was in his 30’s already, there had to be something I hadn’t noticed, a character flaw that had chased women away in the past because he seemed too wonderful to be true, or maybe he was too ‘picky’ who knows? When I got home that evening, my mum was staring at me curiously, I had to touch the top of my head to make sure I hadn’t sprouted horns! To my surprise the first thing she said was “how did it go?” and I replied “how did what go?” then she smiled her ‘amebo’ smile and I knew she meant my outing with Caleb. I had no I idea how she got a wind of it but I didn’t bother asking, I was happy to give her all the details. I guess I must have looked too elated because when I was done what I heard was “you like him don’t you?” my smile died an inch, did I? I hadn’t tried to process that thought in my head probably because I was afraid of what I would come up with. Could I like him?. I couldn’t give my mum a reply and she wasn’t surprised, ever perceptive mum, she just shook her head and left me to sort out my feelings. My face was serious now. Maybe it had been a mistake to get to know Caleb better, we had done nothing more than being friends these past two weeks but it appeared things were becoming complicated. My mum’s question rang again in my ears “you like him, don’t you?” I had to ask myself again, Could I?

Hmmmm….something is in the air people! I can’t wait to see how this ends😊….till then. #JESUSRULES!!!

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