Fourth entry…

Hello, today we have the fouth entry in the overactive mind series…enjoy…

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AUGUST 13 2015
My mind is at work again, pondering over a number of things, it swoops down on a thought like a bird on its prey but that thought soon leads to another, i follow the train for a while then i find another thread and soon i’m on another road. Its an unending network of interconnected thought-threads and my mind is a worker bee this morning or more like a spider spinning and spinning a web of thoughts, i’ve been really busy! Anyhow i’d share just one of the many things that have had me pondering and wondering, the one that had me dashing for my laptop like i just had an Eureka moment! its the subject of pain.
The thought started with a story i read on a blog, it was a story of a woman that lost her baby, her one day old baby. it was a really sad experience (touched my heart) but in it she spoke of how the pain strenghtened the bond between her husband and herelf and that’s where my musings began. I’ve known pain to pull things apart not bring it together, i’ve known pain as a factor that breaks us down, brings us low, steals our joy and shatters our hopes. but i saw a whole other side of pain in that story, the proverbial other side of the coin, pain that brings together insead of tearing apart. Now i know that pain is pain, irrespective of the cause or source it always hurts. So its not the type of pain that determines its consequence (either building or breaking) rather I think its our perspective of pain itself and the ability to look outside of the pain or should i say to see beyound the pain.
Let me dig deeper and explain a little further. I ask myself what’s my perspective of pain and from ‘Whence’ does it (my perspective) come (couldn’t resist the temptation to use KJ english). Overtime i’ve come to learn that pain is a refining tool and my perspective comes from the word of God. There’s no refining process that ever looks easy or jolly. whether it be food processing or gold refining. Often times the object being refined has to pass through fire, be grinded to powder and endure many such “hardships” to yeild the final end produt which is then well apreciated and valued. The material that refuses to go through this processes often has little or no value. applying this to my life i see myself as a raw material in the hand of my maker and pain as part of the process to make me beautiful and well valued but knowing this doesnt make the process any easier or less painful but it helps me keep my focus such that instead of being downcast and down trodden i’m hopeful and optimistic.
The second point is the ability to see outside the pain. Pain can be overwhelming, you just want to sit and dwell on it, think around and around it and moan about it, but often times this changes nothing. Imagine if you could but see the beauty you would become after the process wouldn’t that strengthen you through it? In times of pain it helps to project and even though we might not see with our natural eyes the beauty ahead we can see it by faith. Remember Jesus? who for the joy ahead endured the cross, scorning shame and now he is glorified? Paul says “consider Him so that you may not lose heart” So instead of wallowing in sef-pity and grief look ahead, it takes an effort but it can be done. it helps to remember that there’s no pain we pass through that someone eles hasn’t faced and overcome and sometimes theirs may have been far worse!
I’ve learnt to trust God so much so that if he says pain is the way to my beautification then he is absoutely right and like Job i shall say “even if thou slay me yet will i praise you”. So dont let your pain ruin you instead let it build you.

See you on friday😉….#Jesusrules

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