Dreamer…part 5

Hello beautiful you, it’s short story friday! And although some people have threatened to stop reading my blog if i don’t end this story soon, the story must go on.😊 So its PART 5 today who knows, it may just end today, read on….

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……it was Caleb! calling at 2am in the morning, Who does that? I asked myself again, who does that? It had been a whole week since he took my number and I had managed to put him out of my dreams and out of my mind. Or wait a minute, maybe I was dreaming again. I proceeded to pinch myself just to confirm. No, not a dream, the soreness of the area i had just pinched was evidence enough. I was wide awake. And Caleb was speaking on the other end of the phone. I heard him ask if I was upset, upset? Of course I was upset? And it wasn’t just because of the call, the past few weeks with him popping up in unexpected places was more than upsetting and I was at the brink of loosing it. But politely I said “no, I’m not upset” and in a very calm voice asked why he had called. He went quiet for a minute and then said “this is totally out of character for me, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you”. Huh? Okay that wasn’t the answer i had expected at all. I started laughing, not in delight but in amazement, this was beginning to seem like a prank..only i couldn’t tell who was pulling it. I laughed till tears began to form in my eyes, I was beginning to feel like I was in a movie and truly i’ve never been too good at acting. When I finally stopped laughing I realized he had gone quiet, i actually thought he had ended the call till he said “I never knew I was that funny” I sighed, not knowing what to say, not knowing where to start, i just blurted out the first thing that came to my head,”did you dream about me?” I couldn’t see his face, but his tone when he said ‘no’ told me he was confused about my question, but i didn’t say anything more. So he hadn’t dreamt about me, then why was he calling at two in the morning? Why was I even on his mind? I didnt realise the silence had dragged on till he said “you know what? This was all a mistake, I should have known better, sorry for waking you, goodnight” I didn’t get the chance to reply before he cut the line; I stared at the phone, a bit puzzled, was I to call him back? But what would I say? I put off my phone instead and lay back down, once again a good night’s sleep had been interrupted and i had more questions than answers, the whole thing was becoming rather unnerving. I sighed.

Later that morning as I got ready for work I remembered the ‘disturbing’ call, yes it was disturbing because coupled with the dreams I had been having I was becoming concerned. I didn’t want to believe that my mum’s interpretation was right. I just couldn’t see myself being married to him. Caleb and I didn’t have much history together, we had never been much of friends he being five years older than I was. I just observed him from a distance, he and my brother had been friends and he was my dad’s ideal son. That was it. He was good looking, no doubt, God-loving and very principled but I felt he was too stiff, and no fun at all. And I just couldn’t live with a man that was so formal, authoritative and rigid no matter how God fearing he was. He seemed like a man that would relate with his family like he did with his employees, for me that would be a nightmare. Whatever was happening, I intended to get to the bottom of it and fast. So I picked up my phone and dialed his number, unfortunately for me he picked it up on the first ring and I hadn’t rehearsed my speech yet. I wanted to be upset but before i could get in a word he said “let me apologise for this morning…” and I found myself calming down. All i could do was wave it off and say all was forgiven. When he spoke again, I caught a hint of a smile in his voice, he sounded a little bit too happy, almost childish and i couldnt help but raise my brows in suspicion. He suggested that we see later that day so he could explain himself in person. Well that was fine by me, i just really wanted to understand what was going on. So we agreed to meet and talk after work. He said goodbye and I ended the call. I looked at my phone and shook my head, he just sounded too happy for my rest of mind. Something was definitely up……

I know someone wants my head on a platter…sorry dear, the story still continues next week…😊…look at it like a seasonal movie😉….till then, always, always remember,…..#JESUSRULES!

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