Letting it out!

Hello you! Its poetry wednesday today…still pulling out jewels from the treasure box. Just found this. Enjoy!

There’s alot in my heart right now

and all I want to do is let it out.

Pain, anger, frustration, need and love

all in my heart, so overwhelming,

it threatens to drown me.

Pain because i can’t get what I want

each time i reach for it, I’m told it isn’t mine

i have to watch each day, as it parade’s itself before me

yet it still eludes me.

you know what it means to really want something?

then you know how it feels when you can’t get it.

Anger because instead of words of encouragement,

i get rejection,

i want to hear nice calming verses

but instead I’m accosted by accusations.

my heart is full of fury, it burns me.

Frustration because i am hurt and angry,

but can’t even show it

i remain nice and polite,

when I want to scream at the top of my voice

i bottle it all up and wear a smile

but inside of me I’m drowning……fast.

Need because i am clueless

desperately in need of direction

a path to follow, a road to take

a heart to understand,

a soul to lean on.

Love beacuse my heart doesn’t know any better

but to love with its totality

without love, there is no life

and when all else fades, love would remain

it is one of the few things that isn’t vanity

and it’s what helps me keep my sanity.

As I write this,

one thing comes to mind;

life isn’t a fairytale,

and God isn’t fairy godmother

i might need to tarry and wait

it would also take some faith

but one thing is sure.

He doesn’t EVER fail

He’d answer.

I REALLY can’t remember why i wrote this, but i can still relate with these feelings. most precious of all is the assurance that no matter my dilema, God would answer!

So see you on friday for the continuation of ‘Dreamer’. Tiil then #Jesus rules.

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