Dreamer…part 4

Hello you, as promised, part 4 of the story ‘Dreamer’ is here, i heard a ‘yippie’..😊 so can we call today Short story Saturday? Lol. Which ever way, just enjoy! And you can check out part three down here.

Dreamer part 3

…..Caleb was walking towards me, in the flesh, and all I could do was stay fixed to one spot trying to look calm when my heart was dancing around in my chest like an excited puppy. Pleasantries were exchanged and we chatted for some minutes like old friends. It had been almost two years since we last saw  ourselves and he was interested in finding out how I felt, finally being done with school and now working a cooperate Job. I did my best to answer intelligently even though transmission in my brain was erratic. We talked for a few minutes, and I gathered he was on leave from work and was around to spend some time with family.

Caleb and I had never really been much of friends. It’s no surprise though, I had always seen him as an elder brother and he treated me like his younger sister. But this time as we spoke there was no younger-elder boundary; it was a conversation between two adults. It was the first time we’d connect that way. When the rest of my family finally arrived from their various ‘post-service’ meetings, we had to end our chat, he greeted my parents fondly and had a brief chat with my dad who was always glad to see him, he was aboout leaving, then suddenly, he came back to me like he forgot something, and he brought out his phone and asked for my number, saying something like he had had it before but had lost it somehow. I kept my face as expressionless as possible as I recited it out to him but in my mind I was saying “what in God’s name is happening here?! We had been around each other all this years, why ask for my number now?”.

All the way home I kept trying to make meaning of all that had happened, I had never really been one to keep my emotions buried inside they were always mirrored on my face and I’m sure my perturbed state was obvious because after lunch that afternoon my mum came into my room to ‘gist’. You know mothers, she started with small talk, trying to beat around the bush a bit before diving in for the kill. Well since I had already made up my mind to seek her expert opinion I didn’t need much persuasion. I told her everything right from the first dream to the events at church that day.
She looked meditative for a moment then she said without preamble “maybe God is telling you that Caleb is your husband”. It was just like her to be so direct in her answers. Well, if I said that that thought hadn’t crossed my mind I would be lying, but I had consciously chosen not to think in that line. Caleb? My husband? No way.

Intuitive mum that she has always been, she must have read my thoughts because she went on to say “you know Caleb is a good Christian man, I think he’d make a fine husband for you…” then she began to state all his sterling qualities, hardworking, intelligent, etc. but I was done listening, I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Yes, Caleb was a ‘good Christian man‘ as she put it, yes, he was hardworking, intelligent and all the other things she mentioned but being married to him was a thought that I was very uncomfortable with. He just wasn’t my type, period!

“Did you hear anything I just said?” my mum’s question brought me out of my reverie. What had she said last? Oh, she’d asked what I was going to do about it. Well if God was so serious about it then he’d find a way to make it happen, I wasn’t going to do anything about it in fact starting that moment I was going to put the whole matter out of my mind, I didn’t even intend to pray about it and I told her that much. She looked at me and smiled, then she said confidently “we’d see how this ends”,  as if she knew something that I didnt, and then she left my room.
Something was ringing, could it be the doorbell? No, it didn’t sound like that, my alarm? Wait a minute it was my phone, I struggled to pull up my heavy eyelids, still groggy with sleep, I stretched out my hand to feel around my bed for the phone, finally i picked it up. For a few seconds I stared blankly at the screen, squinting my eyes to see the time, it was a few minutes past 2 in the morning, who would be calling at such an hour? I thought of switching off the phone, but hesitated for a min and then pressed the answer button. I heard the voice on the other end, it was a male voice and it sounded vaguely familiar. He said hi and started apologizing for the early call. I was about to give a sharp retort when the voice registered, every atom of sleep in my eyes suddenly vanished and I sat up straight in bed, the hairs on the back of my neck rising up. it was Caleb on the phone!! Why in God’s precious name was he calling me at 2am in the morning?!……..

That’s all folks. I’ve paid my debt. See you next week for part five. Remember….you know what’s next ….#JESUSRULES!!

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