And God Showed up!

Hello beautiful you, I’m sure that isn’t the title you expected to see today. Isn’t today meant to be short story friday? Well, yes it is. But recent happenings around me have necessitated that I write this post. For those that have been on my neck to finish the Story ‘Dreamer’ please pardon me ehnn😊 soon enough we would get to the end…use this one to learn patience😅…Just kidding.

I woke up this morning with some thoughts on my heart, I was pondering over some testimonies I had heard and shared recently, and I was saying to God “Father I want more than this” let me explain. You may have heard something like this..

“I’m thanking God for my life because I had an accident and broke an arm but I didn’t die”  or

“I’m thanking God because armed robbers raided my house and took everything but I was unharmed.”

In these situations these people were not thanking God FOR the calamity because it wasn’t from Him anyway. But they were thanking God IN their distress because He is still God no matter what.

Now I’m a firm believer of  1st Thessalonians 5:18 which says “in all things give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”. And I loveeee to give thanks.

But I got to thinking that sometimes, things are so bad around us but we still try to look for something to attribute to God and gives thanks for in that bad situation, sometimes we aren’t even sure if it’s God working through it, but we just want to thank him sha because scriptures say we should….and I was reading about the wonders of God when he brought the ten plagues upon Isreal and how He made it so CLEAR that it could only have been him. I mean who would even think that it was a coincidence that a plague would selectively affect only the Egyptians and spare the isrealites, or what science would explain how a sea would part in two and then collapse back just at the time the Egyptians stepped in. Who would explain how a ruddy young boy like David would slay a giant like Goliath with a stone, or how God would conquer an army of thousands with just three hundred men.

There are times that God clears the doubt of men by making it inexplicably obvious that He’s the one at work. And Just this morning I craved for this. I dont just want to thank God for narrowly escaping harm, I want to thank Him for carrying me out of it on Eagles wings…you get my point right?. …I just really needed Him to do something that leaves even a blind man without a doubt that its God at work.

I wanted to hear things like “the brakes of my car failed and it came to a halt on its own, no accident” or “thieves came to my house and when they saw me all they could do was drop their weapons  and start praising God” after all, when Saul went after David, his intention was to Kill him, but he arrived and saw the prophets prophesying and he too started prophesying.

And then this evening God showed up and did something that cleared MY doubt. There’s no rationalising it, I know He’s the one at work. As if to tell me that He had heard my exact thoughts earlier today. I LOVE THIS GOD.

GOD works in the little things around us EVERYDAY and please never stop being grateful in EVERY situation. But i just want you to also never forget that He still does miracles that make all men stand in awe and say THIS MUST BE GOD!!..

And don’t worry Dreamer part 4 would come up tomorrow….😊 see ya!

4 thoughts on “And God Showed up!

  1. Fenks for bin real… at least to me. #Smilezzzz

    Lemme kindly make a lil write-up(ish) contribution to our blog this morning if you won’t mind.

    When I saw the title and the follow up comment… “God likes to show Himself and He is allowed”… I got excited. Cos one topic that turns my juices on and gets a flow out of me like none other is the discussion of #MYSTERIES or simply… the discussion of God (Only God IS a mystery, HAS always been a mystery and WILL forever be a mystery).

    Very expressive write-up you published here though it sounded like you were trying to flaunt Ya-testimony in a whole to us #hehehehehe #mischievousgrin…
    Hence the write-up set-up. #smileyface but issokay, issorai… u are allowed.
    (Who runs the blog?!… [Screams:]SHADE!…#inthevoiceofbeyonce)

    Now, lemme flaunt my opinion a lil too…
    In your 7th paragraph… still in d range of your first sentence, you made a brilliant observation and emphatically too, and I quote: “…He made it so CLEAR that it could only have been Him.” I felt like #whao… what a great closing remark to a beautifully written short piece(Once again, Shade has been the usual bomb that she always is) and I was gonna go back to reading for my final exams when I realised “hollup… she still has much to say”… #whaoagain my excitement got over the edge.
    Then *WHAM!!!* You said some things that normally stirs controversy within me which is why I had to just do a write-up of my own… in your write-up. lols.

    kindly bear with me and follow patiently; cos you are about to embark on one rollercoaster ride of a comment o. #hehehe

    Even if there was a plague that could harm the Egyptians and not harm the Israelites (cos there are now, you been a medical student would understand this a lot better, pls… dont b bias. You know you can select an individual group of people out and do them harm either by attacking their Blood group, phenotype, genotype, DNA Structure bla bla bla or something shaaaa [never got admitted to study medicine], got my knowledge from movies ooo)

    Or if there was a science that could explain the parting of the Red Sea (lets not give science the credit-of-been-able-to-explain-stuffs alone… the human mind and senses is warped… hence u could manipulate it to see what you want, hear what you want, or feel what you want… Which is where Magic alongside Science comes in.)
    Well… not saying I know how but I fink Science might be able to even explain it though it might come across dumb but I’ve watched Magicians make a whole London bridge disappear… move the statue of liberty from one point to another… I remained in awestruck dumbfounded and #mumunically-shocked until another magician explained the trick and how everything was nothing but an art called the art of misdirection and illusion (unto which I wanna emphatically state here that MY GOD aint a Misdirectionist or Illusionist… Forgive me to say it this way but : “What He does is real just like He is FUCKING REAL” #phew #deepsighofrelief, glad I said it the way I did)

    Even if they can’t explain how a young boy could kill a big fat old and noteworthy-undefeatable giant (buhahahaha… undefeatable my boot) alongside the Gideon battle.

    I stand strongly against them been yardsticks to determining them as pointers of God been unequivocally manifest. I love to flaunt God in the best way that I can, especially for to win people over to Him. But I’ve come to realise He’s not interested in winning people to Himself in that sense as we say it… He wants HIS OWN. Jesus said “No one comes unto me except my Father draws him”

    Like I said in the case of the magicians, the human mind and senses are warped… even biology experimentally proved this when we were made to prove why the body couldn’t be used to measure temperature, why a thermometer had to be devised instead. Put 3 cups of water, One hot, the other warm and the final one cold. Now… when a human puts one hand in the cup holding the hot water and the other hand in the cup holding the cold water… after some few seconds of the body adapting to those temperature, when both hand are placed in the warm water, the brain interprets the first as cold and the second as hot even though they are both in the same warm water.

    What am I trying to say; Its beyond human to tell WHO God is or WHEN He has been manifest or HOW He has been manifest. “Miracles” don’t do it for me. Neither does “Science”… “Skills/Proficiency/Human Mastery”… and the list goes on… NOOOOOOOO!!! They don’t *GOD ALONE DOES* *GOD ALONE CAN DO*

    Hence am at a point where the reason I am a God-lover and die-hard God-fan isn’t because of the Miracles or to appease my guilt or based on my needs neither also my needs to please a higher spiritual deity but rather, simply because HE HAS CONVINCED ME THAT “I AM HIS”.

    YES!!! God likes to show off… but only people He desires to let know that He is showing off KNOWS He’s showing off!

    Sorry for over-commenting

    THE END.


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