Third entry….

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JULY 2, 2015
I’m back again, having chased some thoughts around in my mind for moments unending i remembered that i had a place where my overactive mind could put words to its musings.
The subject on which i’ve been pondering is fear. I dont have a prarticular definition for it i’m sure the dictionaries would be the best place to check for definitions. However, i know what fear can do to a person because i’ve been it’s victim for far too long. Fear literally cripples a man, it prevents him from achieving anything note-worthty because he won’t even make the effort to try, fear would open your eyes to all that can go wrong such that you can’t even see how right things can be, fear makes you afraid to fail and the fear of failure would prevent you from reaching for success. In the end, there you are, no movement, no growth.Its simply crippling.
I’ve been afraid of so many things, afraid to drive because i fear i might hit someone or something or make a terrible mistake that may cause an accident, afraid to marry because i fear i might get it wrong and be trapped in a relationship that would be nothing but a burden, afraid of responsibility because i fear i might make a wrong decision and mess things up, afraid i might not make heaven, when i walk alone i’m afraid that someone might hurt me, mug me or rape me. Been afraid of so many things for so long. Some without basis some based on past experiences. In many ways these fears have crippled me and made me stagnant.
Its interesting that the only one God expects us to fear is him, no one and no situation is worth being afraid of. There’s no other way to move past fear than to face it, fail if u must and you’d learn that that failure is not the end, its a lesson, failure teaches us how we can do it better. Still there are issues that are beyond our control that make us scared, times when we can’t protect ourseleves, situaions where failure is actually not an option-like making heaven- At such times we must put our trust in the one who promises never to leave nor forsake us no matter what! failure seeks to make us slaves when Jesus made us victors already.
I believe ignorance is a fuel to fear. People say what you don’t know can’t kill you i think its the other way round, what u dont know is what will kill you because knowlege gives you the power to prevent danger. If i didnt know that a naked wire could shock me will i avoid it? in the same vein i beleive knowledge about God’s promises as well as my limitations is what i need to ovecome fear. God doesn’t want us to live as underachievers because we are too scared to try, he wants us to excel.
Knowing what God can do and how much potential he has given me, i’ve decided not to dwell in fear anymore, so i’m going to get my driver’s licence and i’m going to use it, i’m going to take up responsibility and if i mess up i’d learn from my failure and move past it, i’m going to get married (when it’s that time) and have a great home becaue i’m equipped with the knowlege i need to do so, and on matters that are beyond me i’m going to allow God to take care of them instead of fretting because thats what trusting God means. Finally i”m not just going to say these things i”m going to do them!
I’ve decided that the only thing fear would push me to is God. Anytime i”m scared i’m going to go to Him for strength and wisdom i”m not going to let it cripple me. In the end, I win!

This may have been written over a year ago but I was ‘touched’ reading through it again. Don’t wait till you feel fearless. I saw a statement somewhere, ‘Do it afraid’ because courage isn’t about how you feel, its in how you ACT. Remember #Jesusrules.

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