Dreamer…. Part 3

The story continues😊…hope you are geared up for a fun ride because I am. If you missed part 2, just check it out Here. Enjoy!

“Caleb is around” my mum said, and my heart skipped two beats, or maybe it even stopped and then kicked into overdrive.

What was happening here? I thought to myself, What were the chances that this was a coincidence, I had thought it crazy just that morning to even assume or contemplate the minutest possibility that the object of my dreams would surface in reality, but much to my amazement, bewilderment and utter shock he was walking towards me in the flesh. I was standing at the entrance to church and he seemed to be rushing out to take a call. I put on the best semblance of composure I could muster as he walked by me with a smile and a quick good morning. It took me a bit of a minute to gather my wits together and get my body to move again, but eventually, I succeded and scurried off to find a sit “O God, I hope I can enjoy this service” that was the thought in my heart.

Ours is a small church. My parents began worshiping here when I turned Ten. Both of them being quite active members. I did my best to be involved too, but the years I spent away at school, made me feel a bit like a stanger now that I was back and and I had been back for less than a year. My elder brother lives in another state so its just I, my younger sister and my parents now. When we joined the Church years back, Caleb and his family had been members for quite a while. So basically you can call it a ‘family church’ most of the members had been part of the church for generations, their parents fellowshiped here, they were born here and it just continued that way. Except now that a number of youths seemed to be spreading their tentacles farther and farther away either because of marriage or work, like my brother and Caleb too.

I still remember when Caleb left, it was the same year I gained admission into the university, his dad and mine were close, so his ‘story’ was always close at hand. Caleb was my dad’s idea of an ideal son. What about my brother? you ask. Well lets just say my brother is a ‘rebel’, but a responsible one, and we love him still. Every family needs one dont you think? Himself and Caleb were actually buddies and I was  the cute baby sister…

A shout of Hallelujah brought me back from my reverie.  Service was quite intereseting but I hardly noticed because my mind was afar off trying to put things into perspective. It actually wasn’t too strange that Caleb was in Church. The few times I had been home during my university education I remember he had been around once or twice. The rest of his family still lived here so coming home at least once a year was normal for him. But why this time of the year? Why the exact day after I had had a dream in which he featured? a dream that seemed to be on replay. Was this supposed to be a sign or a confirmation of some sort? Was it proof that my dreams had some substance?

This time it was the loud sound of ‘amen’ that reminded me that i was still in Church. I sighed. Too soon, service was over and I had hardly heard a word. I was sad, See what ‘man’ can cause. I said hello too a few people as I meandered out of church, all the while trying to avoid the one who had taken up so much thought-space in my head for the last few hours. I successfuly got to the parking lot but my escape wasn’t yet complete. I had to wait for the rest of my family because we had come in a single car. Unlike them, I don’t do much of after-service socializing, so I usually happened to be the first one out. This time though my waiting was about to take on an interesting twist because Caleb seemed to be walking towards me, or maybe it was just in my mind, maybe he was headed towards one of the other cars on either side of me. But no, my first assumption was spot on, he was headed towards ME! Idid my best not to look straight at him, I felt like little red-riding-hood about to be consumed by the wolf, or maybe scooby-doo being hunted by ghosts. Bottom-line, i wanted to be anywhere but exactly where i was. “Oh lord, what was I supposed to do?”

Find out next week. I love you guys. Remember, #Jesusrules.

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