What a feeling!

There’s a song in the deepest part of my soul
A feeling of ecstasy that bubbles into laughter in my throat
My feet are tapping to a happy beat,
Like happyfeet I’m so excited I can barely sit
My heart is dancing a jig within my chest,
My heartbeat becomes a soundtrack
All that’s left is to put in the words.

There is sweet music inside of me
I try to ignore it but I can’t resist
Laughter escapes from my lips
I try to stop it but it persists
Tears of joy stream down my face
Like a river breaking beyond its banks
My face is the shore on which it lands.

With all my excitement I could probably go from here to the moon and back
Making a joyful noise and dancing forever.
And no, its not witchcraft, just a happy heart that doesn’t need an aircraft
To soar in the skies, because that’s where we roll,
No need for disco lights because i glow
And this light of mine is enough to illuminate the dark.

And you must be curious as to what’s making me so estatic
Like a little child that just discovered magic
Like a young man that’s just found a bride
Like a new man that just discovered Christ
Its simple
I’m ecstatic because my prayers have been answered
In even better ways than I expected!


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