Dreamer…part 2

“Hello lovely you…😊 its an awseome friday and i’m so  glad to share with you the second part of our story. Wait you missed part one?!😮 ok, ok..don’t worry you can read it up here and continue….enjoy!”

Given my experience with dreams, it’s no wonder that I rarely ever take my dreams seriously at least not until now…

Four weeks ago I had a very disturbing dream.  I went to bed at about 9:45pm, it had been a very hectic day and all I wanted was the usual dreamless, restful sleep. But something else was cooking; my head had hardly touched the bed when the dream began. I was in a park, all around me I could see beautiful flowers and trees all well-tended and carefully organized, there were two beautiful fountains in the middle of the park, and the water appeared to be gushing out from the mouth of a sculpted dolphin. All was so serene and beautiful. I sat on one of the lawns with my legs folded under my body -yoga-style. I was content to sit and breathe in the sweet serene air of nature. Just at that moment I felt a hand on my shoulder, I almost jumped out of my skin, it took all effort not to spring up and run, instead I turned around slowly,  and raised my head to catch a glimpse of the figure that towered above me, it was a male figure, i couls just make out his contours not so tall but tall enough and I couldn’t see his face because the sun’s  glare was focused right on my face, blinding me momentarily, he spoke words that I was too confused to hear and just as my eyes were adjusting to the light and my mind was beginning to understand what he was saying I heard something ringing, at first it sounded far away then it got louder, I  woke up with  start to hear the shrill sound of my alarm . When I checked my watch it was 5:00am in the morning and i felt like I had only been asleep for 5mins.

The dream stayed with me through out that day, I couldn’t make sense of it, yet I couldn’t shake it off, I just had that weird feeling that there was more to it than met the eye. But days passed quickly and soon the intensity of that feeling waned. I was already putting it behind me when it happened again. Last night I went to bed a few minutes shy of 11pm, I slept with a smile on my face because it had been a rather rewarding day with all things working in my favor. But just like the last time I was hardly asleep when the same scene began to play before my eyes, same park, same arrangement, same position of things, same hand on my shoulder… the only difference was that this time when I turned around to look up at his face there was no sun blinding my view, I could see his face very clearly, whoever orchestrated this dream had made adjustments to the script. That face, I knew that face, why wouldn’t I, we attended the same church when growing up. But what was he doing here? He began to speak just like the other time; I caught a few words this time. Then the dream went a bit farther than it did before, he sat beside me on the grass, took my hand in his and smiled and I felt myself smile back, in fact in the dream I appeared rather pleased. He looked like he was going to say something more and that was when I woke up. It was 1am in the morning.

I could still feel my heart thudding in my chest a little slower now. Why was I so agitated? I felt so tense. And what was Caleb doing in my dreams, twice, same dream same everything. I went over both dreams in my head slowly, reviewing every detail. Then it hit me! His words, he said something about future…plans…us… I couldn’t quite organize the statement in my head I just knew those were the words. Caleb? us? plans? Jesus! I felt like was losing my mind. I tried to go back to bed but couldn’t it was Sunday and in a few hours I’d have to start preparing for service, I needed my rest. Then a crazy thought coursed through my mind, what if he showed up at church? Last I heard he worked in Abuja, but what if? Would that confirm that my dreams had some bearing to something real? I quickly brushed that though off my mind; my dreams had never had much consequence, why now? I made up my mind to talk things over with the dreamer in the family, my mum. But meanwhile I decided to put my insomnia to good use, I picked up my bible and began to read I can’t say how many minutes it took but surprisingly (or not) before long I was asleep. Much to my relief it was dreamless.

“Caleb is in church…..” I heard my mum say the words as we stepped into church that beautiful Sunday morning in May. My heart skipped two beats and I thought to myself, “you’ve got to be kidding me!!”…..

lol, that’s all folks…all this dream talk is making me sleepy. Till next week. Jesusrules#

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