Second Entry…….

Happy new month!! Hope you had/are having a great March 1, I know i did. So today I’d be putting up my second entry in the over active mind series. Hope you enjoy it….

(If you missed the first entry, quickly catch up Here)

MAY 27TH 2015
I haven’t been able to write any of my overactive thoughts since my first entry. Been as busy as a honey bee! as much as i dont want this to seem like a diary (yuck, that word). i’m afraid it might eventually begin to sound like one. so whats the whole idea of this?
I love writing, and to me its all about putting down thoughts as simply as they come. I found out early that my way of thinking was largely aversed to the conventional. When my peer group mates and freinds were going left i seemed to go right, when they thought something was bad i felt it was pleasant enough and when the thought it was acceptable i felt it was detestable. so writing for me became a means of expression, putting down my crazy, unconventional thoughts in a bid to make sense of it.For if i cant make sense of it myself, who will?
I’ve been through different phases in my short writig ‘career’, i’ve suffered a lack of inspiration, been confused about what exactly my writing style is and at a point i even tried to copy that of others (didnt work), i’ve experienced the famous “writer’s block” (at least i think that’s what it was) and i’ve struggled with just the simple yet complex task of putting down my own thoughts the way i mean them so that i’m not misunderstood.
You see, writing has given me a new perspective about the power of perception. as diverse as human beings are so are their ‘understandings’ of a single item! An orange may be sour to some, sweet to others and tasteless to me.its one thing for a writer to put down his thoughts beautifully, it is another ‘other’ thing to pass the desired message across. This is my struggle many times, because in my head it makes perfect sense, but my perfect sense to another is arrant nonsense. The travails of a writer you might call it.
You see, i like Williams Shakespare and Wole Soyinka, and a whole lot of others that write like them, but to my utmost dismay, their works of art seem like unintelligible words written without concrete thought to some people, why? the power of perception. let me deviate a little here and say i tried to copy their style, was a futile effort, i’d just stick to loving their works. i’ve written articles that i considered masterpieces but weren’t valued by the “populace” and i’ve written “rubbish” that people thought was suberb. why? perception.
I had a small disagreement with a friend one day (she’s also a writer) we were to grade some write ups and the ones i thought were rather fascinating were rather nonsensical to her (in her own words it had too much grammer), unfortunately the article that didnt flow for me was what she loved. we spent time trying to win each other over, each person trying to convince the other with valid points, what a waste of time, because in the end there was no common ground. She liked what she liked and i liked what i liked, end of story.
Without ruminating too much over the matter i think i’ve come to a conclusion that i consider wise (i’m sure some still wont see any wisdom in it, all still perception). The variety of writers and writing styles exist because of the varieties of human minds that need to be fed. so let every man be true to himself, if i say its red and you see purple, its not because i’m color blind our power of perception is just different!
So to writers ( and creators in general) i say this; dont beat yourself if some people dont seem to value your art find those that do (except in the instance of positive criticism which is another matter on its own) and to those who read (or consume artwork in whatever form), either out of a love for art, curosity, boredom or an insatiable thirst for knowledge, know this; the fact that you dont like or understand someones style doesnt mean its bad (except of course its really gibberish, which is another matter on its own) its just not for live and let live!

Once again I’m intrigued by the workingmof my younger mind.๐Ÿ˜Š. till friday for the second part of the short story “the dreamer”….remember Jesusrules#

4 thoughts on “Second Entry…….

  1. Lesson learnt. I also think our different perceptions are sometimes the function of the present state of mind. More over diversities of perceptions can/should always be positively channelled.

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