Dreamer….Part 1

Hello beautiful you. Its friday! and i am excited because we are starting a new short story today😊. i hope you love reading it as much as i loved writing it. Please comment as much as you want, i love feedback. Enjoy.

I dreamt about him again. It was just like the first time, but this time it was so vivid, nothing like a dream at all. I awoke with a start and put my right palm over the left side of my chest to feel my heart beating rapidly, in fact it was racing. I was breathing just as fast, you’d think I had taken part in a hundred meter dash. I swiped my right hand over my forehead and I noticed it was wet, not with water but with sweat. Gradually I began to take note of my surroundings, yes, it was familiar. I was still in my room all was just at it had been the night before when I went to bed, wait a minute, was it morning already? I picked up my watch from my bedside stand and stared at it, it took a few seconds for my mind to register what my eyes were beholding; it was still 1am in the morning! I had only been asleep for two hours. Jesus! what could all this mean. Why did I keep seeing him in my dreams? Was it a sign or mere coincidence? No, it couldn’t be a coincidence, same dream twice, the second being even more vivid than the first. Something was definitely happening.

I’m from a family of five, my parents my two siblings and myself; I was often called the ‘middle woman’ because I was the second child sandwiched between an elder brother and a younger sister. I grew up in a home where going to church was absolutely necessary. I remember hearing stories about Joseph in the bible when I was still in the children’s class, it was really fascinating at that tim,e the little dreamer boy whose dreams became reality. My mother was a dreamer too. Whenever she had a dream she’d share it with the whole family usually at our family morning prayers. No one took mum’s dreams for granted because they almost always came true. She actually dreamt about her father’s death before it happened. In my third year in the tertiary institution, I remember having a friend who also believed very strongly in dreams, whenever she had a dream that wasn’t really pleasant she’d call home and spend long minutes on the phone talking and praying with her mum.

I believe that dreams could have more meaning than just being a nighttime luxury to while away the time. Unfortunately I hardly have dreams and even when I do they never surface in reality. Most nights my sleep is dreamless and I love it that way, sweet dreamless sleep. The only disadvantage is that the night usually seems to pass rather quickly. I do remember having dreams on some nights and waking up with no memory of these night happenings, just a vague feeling that I had dreamt. So with such a history it’s no wonder that I rarely ever take my dreams seriously at least not until now.

that’s it for today. See you next week. Remember, #Jesusrules

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