Happy birthday Jesus!


And it was upon this wise, that a virgin was with child, and being in labour but finding no room in an inn she brought forth her first born son in a manger….and this amazing child wrapped in swaddling clothes was destined to be the saviour of the world….my saviour.

It was centuries ago…

But today I celebrate…

I celebrate the birth of Jesus, my saviour because if he hadn’t been born I’d be without hope. I celebrate the birth of the king of all kings who yet being God in the flesh humbled himself even unto death. I celebrate the birth of the great redeemer who against all odds shed his precious blood as a token for the remission of my sins. I celebrate the one who loves me, and who loved me even while I was yet in sin. The one who cares for me like i’m an only child, the one who is my everything…. you came to live life the way it should be lived, to die the death that I deserved. Unexplainable.

Jesus, God in the flesh. I think upon your birth and I’m yet amazed. Its in my nature to tell friend’s how much they mean to me on their birthday’s. Yours would be no different.😊

Where do I even begin in describing you or how much you mean to me. You came into my life and you changed everything. You told me I was good enough when I felt worthless, you saw beauty in me when I was all messed up, you patiently waited for me when I stubbornly resisted, you took all my ignorant and stupid defiance with a huge dose of patience and you’ve loved me everyday since.

When I cry you are the first to catch my tears, when i’m glad its because of you. You showed me new beauty in life, helped me see through your eyes, before you I saw in black and white, now I see cleary, in color the beauty of all you’ve made. I fall, yet you love me, I fail, yet you stay with me, I hurt you, you bleed but you stay put holding me as far as I’d  let you. Your love for me is awesome, its unexplainable its limitless its just……. LOVE.

You’ve filled a void in my heart that was wide and gaping. I had a hole in my heart the size of a fist, it was hard to breathe, I waited to die. But you came and did an open heart surgery, filling that hole with your love, you sealed my chest close and now I breathe just fine. I was tied up and bound, doomed to die a death that I deserved, the chains cut deep through my skin and into me flesh, satan had me cornered. You came and cut those chains, you saved me, now i’m free and I walk in victory. Jesus…..you saved me… and every day you still save me, from myself, from my lusts, my weakness, my fears. You amaze me.

Others may not know our story…but its been some journey and I’m excited about the anniversary of your birth because that’s were it all began.

I CELEBRATE YOU TODAY, my Lord, my King, my Master, Father, Saviour, Friend, Lover. You loved me first so that I can say this… I’d love you FOREVER.


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