For the broken hearted….


You’ve been crying again but nobody knows,

Your tears are yours alone, no body sees

You muffle the sounds with your pillow, nobody hears

Your heart is hurting and there’s no way to soothe it.

Everything seems so confusing, it appears you are drowning

You’ve tried all the ways you know but nothing is changing

You’ve even prayed and fasted but no answer is forthcoming

All your energy is gone, you feel spent and exhausted.

believe me when I say I feel your hurt.

And read on for just a little bit…..

If there’s night, then there’d surely be day.

There’s nothing new under this sun.

This sorrow is not your’s alone, someone else has been through it and survived.

Its in the furnace that gold is purified,

Sweetheart you are only being beautified.

Its the rough file that sharpens the blunt knife,

Just a little longer dear, you are just being refined.

The trial always seems too long to bear,

But HE is faithful and that doesnt change.

Soon the storm would pass and you’d finally understand,

That all this was part of His plan.

Till then  stay hopeful dear,

And remember that this pain wasn’t meant to bury you

It’s meant to show you just how strong you are in HIM!

PS- The him i talk about is JESUS. If you don’t know Him, I cant promise that your storm would pass. But I can say this with absolute certainty. He is so interested in knowing and beautifying you too. He’s just waiting for your invitation, don’t be too long 😉.

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