When I don’t feel Him…


We are humans, flesh and blood, living, breathing, eating.

we feel things all around us, we feel with our senses.

Sometimes we feel God too, we feel him around us,

and it’s an amazing ‘feeling’.

But other times, we don’t feel him, we don’t feel him at all,

And it’s in times like this that we begin to ask questions…

We question his love, we question his care, we even question his existence

“if God is for me why has this happened?, if God is for me why is he so quiet? if truly he is here, why don’t I feel him at all?”

Our configuration makes us so accustomed to perception via our senses,

So we doubt anything that we can’t see, touch or feel.

What do I do when i can’t ‘feel’ God? (trust me this happens….alot)

Its like I am on that lone road home and He is no where to be found.

“But you said you’d never leave nor forsake me Lord, so tell me, where are you now?”

But still everything around me stays silent. Not even a whisper of love….I feel alone

Yes, that’s  it! I feel alone…its just a feeling, like a mirage…its not really true.

I feel alone but that doesn’t mean I am, sometimes I dont feel the love of my earthly father but that doesn’t mean he has stooped loving me. Its just a feelng, its fickle.

So here I am, in this moment, not feeling God, In the past I would have been upset, sad and lonely, but today i’m not.

I should be asking 21 questions, but I just smile😊

‘Cos even when I dont feel Him, his love or his presence, I SEE it and what would you rather trust, what you see or what you feel?

I see him first and foremost in me! Every breath that I take, every heart beat, for every time I can reason with my brain, for every creativity I express, I know He IS, ‘cos who else could have created a being so intricately designed?

I see him in you, cos you are so unique from me, still human, but still so different, who else could have made such diverse variety? Pls tell me.

I see him all around in nature, in circumstances, it so clear that he is there. 

I see him in the word, He said He is spirit, so it’s to be expected that he shouldn’t be felt, his form transcends the realm of our physical senses, that’s why true worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth.

He said he’d never leave nor fosake me, I take his word for it, it’s called trust. I trust him enough to keep his promises even though I don’t feel him doing anything right now…

He said he is with me always, and since he is not man that he should lie, i trust him in this also.

He said if I seek Him I’d would find Him when I seek with my WHOLE heart.

He said when I pass through the waters they would not overwhelm me, when I pass through fire it would not harm me.  (So fires and waters would come, but I’d pass through unharmed).

He said he is concerned about everything that concerns me. So I know he’s thinking about me.

He said the hairs on my head are numbered, to the very last one…so when I comb through and a strand falls, he knows!

He said he is with me always….

And I trust Him, I believe…

My special favorite 😊, he says he LOVEEEESSS me, now this is the best part, he didn’t just say it, he demonstrated it? This great God died for me! Like he loves me that much, he said ” baby gal, I’d rather die, than live without you”, its not a clichè, its truth!

Now thinking on these things it seems of so little consequence that I can’t feel God right now.

God wants us to move beyound our feelings (physical) ‘cos they can deceive us…haven’t you ever FELT you heard your name being called when actually no one called you? It was just a feeling.

You see, feelings aren’t so accurate. So sweetheart ignore those feelings and look intently inside you, around you and in the Word. I’m sure you’d definitely see this God that seems so hard to feel.😊


7 thoughts on “When I don’t feel Him…

  1. Beautiful write up, He’s promised never to leave us or forsake us, he never promised that we won’t walk through fire but he promised to be there and walk with us, so even when tough times comes I always remember that he’s always by my side. Thank you for ths timely reminder😊

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