Look what I found.


*Tears of Joy*…sincerely I’ve  missed this place, missed you all so much. it’s so good to finally be able put my thoughts into words and share with all you darlings. Sometimes life gets really busy and time sneaks away behind our backs. Anyway I’m hear now. Yipee!

So where do I start from. Hmmm… So much happened in the last month, new discoveries, new challenges, new victories, times of confusion etc etc etc…

Lemme talk about my new discoveries, its the most exciting thing on my mind right now..just thinking about it and I cant help but smile.😊

So what has this young lady discovered? You may ask…if we were speaking in person I’d say, guess ( I love to have people guess, it’s usually quite interesting how far from the point they can be). But really pause a little here and just guess……..

Done?…?….Ok, lets find out if you are right.

I love Jesus! (to love no be beans o, but I try). I looveeeeee meeting people that love Jesus too, I really really do (hmm, see my rhymes; if u can’t, sorry). More often than not though, the larger number of people I meet,  even in church aren’t so passionate about this love and it makes me sad 😳. Come on, this wonderful guy expressed his love for you by paying a debt that you owed with his life! I dont think that’s something to just be ‘ok’ about. Its something big really really BIG, even ‘capital big’ doesn’t do it justice, its something ENOURMOUSLY BIG.

Ok, I just diggressed but my point is, I love it when I discover young peopke that love Jesus passionately, not just with words or zealous service but in their living, everyday. People that aren’t just religious but spiritual (not spirikoko spirijimjim), sincere, mistake-prone, growing, Jesus-lovers.

So last week, I discovered someone like this and I’m so excited! I Have never met him, pobably never will because he’s on some other continent (not even sure where). This gentleman is a spoken-word artist (and writer, and speaker) and I spent almost four hours and all my data watching his youtube videos. Now this young man Loves Jesus and I was so blessed just listening to him and learning from him.

Why am I so excited? I’d tell you. When I find people like this it gives me hope, hope that our generation isn’t completely lost, that there are still those that are a 100% sold out to Jesus, people that accept that they are human (prone to error) but haven’t allowed that stop them from living as Jesus would. These people encourage me, so I know I can be better, I see them and I say “its possible”, they remind me that living for Jesus isn’t outdated, its beautiful.

So did you guess right? I’m almost sure you didn’t.  Well it doesn’t matter (better luck next time 😉).

There are many people looking for encouragement, for a reason to believe, you can be the one they look up to, please don’t let Jesus down and if you are like me looking for like-minds in christ may I inform you with joy in my heart…sweetheart, you are not alone, there are many others that truly truly love God (in practice, not words) and when you pray, God would open your eyes to see. Remember this scripture?

1 Kings 19:18

I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him. Kjv

When Elijah taught he was the only Godly one, God showed him that there were many others.

I’m so glad to be discovering many amazing siblings in christ.

P.s my new found brother is Jefferson bethke. You really should check him out. I especially loved this one The greatest artist of all times. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Look what I found.

  1. Nothing beats seeing and meeting people that actually remember the Lord in the days of their youth. It’s amazing, motivating and encouraging. Thanks for this Shadey Summer. And thanks for finally coming back. Stay blessed. #Wearenotalone.

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