Sunday school: Mercy or judgement?

Happy sunday dear one😊. Some people find it strange when I say happy sunday like its a celabration like christmas or new year’s. Well I like saying happy sunday because for me its a very important day. Anyway that’s  gist for another day (remind me 😉).
So today at sunday school ( by the way, I loveeee sunday school 😍) something struck me ( so glad it was God’s  word and not lightening). We talked about how amazing it is to be forgiven of a grevious offence and allowed to go scot free without any punishment at all, AT ALL! The discourse reminded me about something I wrote years ago and that’s what i’m sharing with you today. I hope it blesses you. Its been years but the message is still so valid today. Enjoy.

To say I was scared is a huge understatement, I was terrified! plagued by the worst form of fear known to man. The air was still all around me, unmoving no singing birds, no soft breeze wafting by, just a deathly still quiet, judgement hung strongly in the air. 

“He deserves to die!” A voice screamed, it sounded like the roaring of thunder, the ground beneath me vibrated with the sound and I wanted to run into hiding but there was no escape. I stood in the middle of a panel, a jury sat to my left all attentive listening to every detail of the discourse, preparing their verdict. The judge sat directly ahead, on an incredibly high platform because I could see nothing of him, just the platform going up, up,up. At my right stood the persecutor and my advocate, they had been battling intensely for the better part of the last hour. Bringing claims and counter claims laying out every sordid detail of my life. Things that I alone knew about things that I was too ashamed to even remember. I don’t know how I remained standing cause my insides were curdled with shame, but there was no where to hide my face the light around me was brilliant, it seemed to bare open my insides for all that cared to pick them out and dissect.

I stood in complete silence, afraid to move or even speak and the banter continued “my lord, he deserves to die!” I turned to face the bearer of that voice, the one that reverberated like thunder and I almost balked at the sight before me, only I couldn’t move a muscle. The persecutor seemed ready to explode, his face had taken on a shade of beet red, steam came out from his ears like it did from the engine of a train, in puffs. His eyes were red, it must have been out of anger, his whole body vibrated with it. Yes, he definitely wanted me dead.

I turned pleading eyes to my advocate, his appearance was so unlike the other, he exuded peace, he looked up at me, unperturbed, unshaken. There was a bit of sadness in his eyes and when he did speak his voice poured forth like a calm cleansing water over my distressed soul his words were simple “my Lord,” he said addressing the one that sat on the high platform “do not consider the offence but look upon the sacrifice”. This seemed to anger the persecutor even more, and this time he faced my advocate not the jury, or the Judge “my learned colleague” he said with a smirk “look at yourself, pleading for a man that is as guilty as sin itself and you call yourself just, where is the Justice if this man doesn’t serve the time for his crime, he looks up to you today pleading that you advocate on his behalf but when he is free he’d stab you in the back again and commit a more heinous crime, can’t you see he’s not worth the sacrifice?” My advocate seemed to ponder on his words for a few mins, seemingly weighing the truth in them, and the persecutor smiled. Fear gripped my heart then, the voices in my head were screaming, begging, pleading for mercy, making promises of total repentance but that’s all they were, just voices in my head because not a sound came out from my lips. I tried to speak but couldn’t. I watched, weak, helpless and unable to do a thing, I couldn’t even plead for my own life, and what if I could? I asked myself? What difference would it make. The persecutor was right I was indeed guilty of every charge levelled against me, I deserved death.

He spoke then, my advocate, pulling me out of my thoughts. Addressing the persecutor he said “there are some things you would never understand, no one deserves the sacrifice, but yes, he is very much worth it. You speak about Justice and you are indeed right. A time is coming when Justice would take its course, when all would receive that which they deserve but now is the time for mercy” with that he faced the jury and said “before you stands a man that is guilty as charged undeserving of the mercy of this court and deserving of death but remember the price that was paid, the punishment that was borne on his behalf the shame that was endured for his sake.” With that he looked at me and smiled and then calmly but with authority he said “It is finished”.
The persecutor didn’t say a word more. The jury consulted amongst themselves and the verdict was passed on to the judge. I heard a rumbling sound in the skies and with it a voice, calm and commanding, everything went still as he spoke, his words seemed to flow from the platform like a waterfall too magnificent to be described. I stood there in awe of it all and he began “the jury finds this man guilty as charged…” I think I died at that point, my heart stopped and all went blank. But he wasn’t finished, he continued “but seeing that every punishment that he would have to face has been served already by the one who advocates for him, he is free and his slate wiped clean, u may release him!” As he spoke the words, the chains fell off my hands and hit the ground with a definite clink, the sound of my freedom! I rushed to the feet of my advocate weeping with all my being, for my sins, for his sacrifice, oh! How unworthy I felt, how undeserving of such grace. I wept till I couldn’t find the strength to go further, it seemed too good to be true. His words were simple then “go and sin no more my child, mercy has prevailed over judgement”.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday school: Mercy or judgement?

  1. A wonderful piece of the truth.
    One can never get use to these touching words from our Lord. It pierces every guilt in us and brings us to confession.
    The Lord Is Good Forever!

    Thanks! S. Blinks for this wonderful reminder.


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