The theme.


If you’ve ever looked at the header of this blog (and not just scrolled straight to the article) then you must have noticed that the name of the blog is ‘My Collage’ .  But thats not where I’m  headed though. Its what’s written undearneath that title. Any ideas? If you dont know then I’d give you some time to check it out, then come back, so we can continue with the good news I have for you today:).

Ok, we are back. So what’s there? What 😮!? You didn’t check? Oya, second oppurtunity. Scroll up and check it now.

Now, what’s there? did you say ” see the big picture?” Well you are absolutely right! Thats the theme of this blog. I talked a bit about this on my about page right here.  Recently I’ve been reminded about that theme and I felt I should share what’s in my heart with you my darling reader😙.

Emmm, where do I start? Ok, so I follow a number of christian blogs and I’ve  been blessed immensely through them. One in particular is authored by a Pastor’s wife who is a pastor hersellf (pastor and pastress you know that kind thing😊. Days back I was going through some of her old posts and she blogged about another christain blogger, so I checked the other lady up and that’s how I was teleported into another world, a wonderful one, because she too had links to many other christain bloggers (all women!) And I looked some of them up so now I’m following even more blogs😆. I was really blessed and challenged by these ladies.

Maybe a bit too challenged because soon I started asking myself, see all these women o! Some still quite young and they are doing so much for God with their lives and I’m here doing what exactly?

You know, a principle that I hold very close to my heart,  is that of balance. Yes, BALANCE. Whenever the scale is tipped on either side balance is lost and chaos is inevitable. It stands true for everything. So while it was good for me to be challenged by the lives of these wonderful christian women, I was fast crossing the line from admiration to envy and dissatisfaction with my own life. I was loosing balance.

Thank God,  for he is ever aware of our inner thoughts and musings. The holy spirt graciously saved me from my folly and reminded me about the theme of this blog..

See the big picture

You see, sometimes in life you feel everyone has gone ahead of you and you are lagging way, way behind, or maybe you are confused about where you fit in. Sweetheart, you need to see the big picture. Even the little things going on in your life now are part of the building blocks for our heavenly Father to make you into what he desires . If you are in Christ and you are truly commited to him then there’s no need to worry. Jesus started ministry at 30, some will start at 18 others at 50. Sometimes that’s exactly how God designed it ( except of course, for those who are running away from God, like Bro Jonah in which case their delay is actually their making).

Another important lesson I learnt in my musings was this. Have you started something in your own sphere of influence? Maybe its your school, office, church, home or your circle of friends. While you are looking outside at the ‘big’ things others are doing and aiming for same, have you started something in that little corner where you are that God can water and cause to ‘blow’ ?

I know I’ve said alot and this is probably one of my longest post (or maybe not 😌). I need you to remember this. God has a GRAND plan. We all fit in one way or the other. When we surrender to him he leads us to accomplish our part of the plan( not another man’s part o, but ours). So don’t just see the here and now, don’t be discouraged by little-big things (things that appear so important but which in time to come you’d reaslise were really trivial). Live each day as it comes but never ever forget, there’s a bigger picture, a grand plan and that’s where your focus should be ultimately.😇

P.s- I intend to feature some of these bloggers I'm discovering  soon on 'My  Collage' so 'stay tuned' I hope they'd be a blessing to you as much as they've been to me😉

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One thought on “The theme.

  1. Thanks Sade, I used to often feel this way, I would go to linkin and view profiles of people and I would compare myself to them and feel very slow and depressed afterwards, but the Lord has helped me, now, what’s important for me is staying on the course the Lord has set for me and running my own race..though it can be frustrating sometimes to watch your buddies yap of and leave you behind, I have come to see that the process is much more important than the end results…thanks for sharing and encouraging us, God bless you


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