The ‘bestest’ Father in the world!


Wow, its been too long since I was last here. Feels good to have something to share.

So I was told today is father’s day (found out in church this morning).
And I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the ‘bestest’ father in the world!
Dont be jealous o! But sincerely He is a dad like no other and its with ‘heavy’ love in my heart that I celebrate him today.

My father is the best
He had me in mind even before my conception
Saw to it that I was born complete
Took care of me through my growing years
And He is still here whenever I need help.

Unlike other fathers ,my father actually goes with me everywhere
Not to keep tabs on me or try to intefer with my life
but He sees to it that I’m m safe and sound
And when I make mistakes, He lovingly corrects me and sets me straight.
(He can be a disciplinarian too o! All part of the love😆)

My father treats me like I am an only child
I feel specially loved and pampered
I dont need to struggle for his attention
Its always mine.
There’s nothing I could possibly ask for that he can’t provided
My father is just amazing like that.😊

If that was all, He’d be just great Right?
But there’s more, and this is the most amazing part.
My father is so so loving
His love for me can’t be measured
I’ve tried and tried and tried to explain it
And each time I do I’m left in awe
I should should be dead now, you know?
I had a bad record and was deserving of death
But this loving father of mine looked at me and said
“Dear daughter, let me take you punishment,
because I’d rather die for you than live without you”
And it wasn’t just lip service. HE DIED FOR ME FOR REAL
Then he chose to show himself small and ROSE AGAIN FOR REAL!
Now tell me who can beat that?

You see why my dad is THE BESTEST DAD EVER!
I love you daddy now and forever

If your dad is great like mine you too do shakara 😉

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