My Special Place


There’s one place I love to be
My very special place
Its not anywhere on the map
No compass could possibly show the way
Its known to me and just one other
Let me tell you a bit about it.

In this place my battles are fought
victories are won
Storms are stilled
triumphs are celebrated
Its where all things pertaining to my life are made clear.

Legs crossed yoga-style
Hands clasped together
I could be anywhere in the world
The location of my heart is what’s important
Lifted towards heaven
I enter into my special place.

My special place is in my heart
When I sit to commune with my Father
Wrapped in the wonderful embrace of his love
Nothing in the world really matters
The whole world around could be in chaos
In my special place everything makes perfect sense.

Life gets busy
Time passes quickly
Little of what we have now would last much longer
Only God is forever.

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