A petty thief and the sudden death (Part 1)…


27th March, 2016. Easter sunday. About 2:30am…

I lay fast asleep on my comfy bed and  in my subconcious I realised I had fallen asleep on a chat (again). I raised my heavy eyelids slowly and with sleep-laden eyes I saw my tab was still just by my head. The light in the room was on, I heard the sound of the  generator too “so this NEPA people dont want to give us light” I thought (and yes, I still call them NEPA). I checked the time on my tab, closed it, rolled over and went back to sleep. Sweet, sweet, sleep.

Minutes later I was aroused from sleep again, for some reason I still cant explain. In my mind’s eye I saw a stick just a few centimetres away from my face, it was coming from the direction of the window just behind my bed. At first it didnt register and I was dozing off again when suddenly my mind came awake. I had actually seen a stick! My eyelids flung open this time but behold there was no stick to be seen anymore. Talk about eerie. Was l hallucinating or was this one of those “they came from the village to hunt me” kind of thing? My curiosity and amazement wouldn’t let me go back to bed so I got up. Something else wasn’t right, the window by my bed was wide open. Normally, this shouldn’t be strange but I was so sure it had been closed when I went to bed the night before. Ok, so I was getting really confused. Anyway I shut the window again but my mind was quite alert now trying to piece all the parts of this crazy puzzle together and come up with a logical conclusion. None was forthcoming. “Is this how people loose it?”

Still baffled and confused (plus a little scared), l went into the bathroom to ease myself. I had been there just a little while when I heard it, a faint scratcy sound from the direction of that same window! OMG! This time I was scared, not just a little but ‘plenty’. I was almost too scared to even  come out and check what was happening. In my shoes what would you do? ( answer that before you continue reading).

Have you? Well this was my own reaction. I said a prayer in my heart, probably quoted a verse of scripture and then peeped out of the bathroom. I was almost startled out of my mind by what I saw. The window I had just locked was wide open….again!  To add to that I saw the stick……again! And this time a brown filthy-looking sac was  hanging from it in midair and both were moving, ever so gently out of that window. Now pause and think again, in my shoes PLEASE what would you do?

I didn’t pause and think though, I acted on impulse (thank God I did). I screamed, ran and grabbed the sac ( It was like film trick). At that time I didn’t really care what was in it, I just knew that that bag was conveying something from my room and I wasn’t going to let it out of my window. It took a little struggle and some shouting before the sac was ‘released’ and when I dipped my hand inside out came my tablet (which by the way is just about a month old!).

My scream had woken others in the house and in a short time, a search party comprising family members was outside trying to figure out what had actually happened. The search revealed that a petty thief (‘petty’ because the thief obviously wasn’t armed enough to ‘bail us up’ and actually  steal ‘heavy’ stuff) had gained entrance into the compound, torn the net of my window, and removed some  valuable items from the room (but nothing as valuable as the tablet).

So my Easter Sunday was pretty eventful. I was glad to discover that I wasnt ‘loosing it’ like I had feared (whew! Such a relief). More importantly I was too glad that the thief hadn’t made away with my tab. When I was at the station later to report the matter , the D.P.O joked that the Holyspirit must have woken me at that time. I agree.

You can imagine a fenced house with a gate and doors, locked with keys and bolts, windows with protectors and all these security measures yet through a tiny hole in the window I was robbed. It’s quite a lesson for me. So if you ever thought you have been safe because you are careful or smart or both, darling, please think again. As much as we take all possible precautions to stay safe, we must remember in our ‘heart of hearts’ that there is One who sees when all eyes are shut and it is He alone that can truly keep us safe. The best part is he doesn’t safe gaurd just our bodies and earthly goods but our spirit and soul as well. Thats why I love this God!

The story doesn’t end here though. I think God was determined to make Easter as memorable as possible for me because later that evening I got news that shocked me. Something unexpected happened. I would tell you all about it now but I think i’ve talked (or typed) enough for one post.

So find out in part two *winks*

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11 thoughts on “A petty thief and the sudden death (Part 1)…

  1. The thief cometh not but to steal,kill & destroy;but HE hath come that we might have LIFE!It was the life in you which abhors fear ,that ignited the spirit of boldness (the righteous shall be as bold as a lion) to dash for the weapon of the thief.Thankfully,your “TABLET OF LIFE” is intact to do further damage to the Kingdom of the thief.We eagerly anticipate part 2 & we prophesy—“there shall be no loss”


  2. Hmmm…our new tab..fenk God…Dis reminds me of a testimony a lady once gave…she n her roommate use to share a wardrope she was anointing d clothes in d wardrope wen her roommate warned her not to touch her clothes with d oil. Dat same nite robbers visited n carefully selected dat of d lady’s roommate…indeed it’s God dat safeguards dat concerns us….


    • Are you serious! Thats quite interesting. But indeed its all God, no matter how hard we try if he doesn’t assist us all our efforts are in vain.


  3. Nice post. That was obviously God at work, cos even for most guys, we wld ave stayed back in d bathroom, talkless of a lady. Lesson well learnt. Can’t wait for part2


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