Who do you trust?


“Driver, abeg no be sardine you carry o! if you dont value your life at least value the life of your passengers”

I looked cautiously in the direction from where those words had come, and I saw a man who was obviously upset. Well, he had good cause. Have you ever been in a commercial vehicle and you didn’t realise you had stopped breathing, till you got down at your bus-stop and let out a deep breath? If you have, then you understand this man’s plight. If you haven’t, well, it’s either you dont ‘bus’ or all the drivers in your area are God-fearing.

While on a bus few days back I mulled over these thoughts; do I ever wonder about the expertise of a driver before boarding his vehicle?  Does it ever cross  my mind to ask the driver for his license? What about the road-worthiness of his vehicle?. I’ve never bothered with these things. Time and time again I go to bus parks and enter any available vehicle, with no concern about the driver’s abilities or the condition of the vehicle. I put my life at risk without even realising it, trusting a complete stranger with my very precious life, how can I be so trusting? How can you?

It boggles my mind that while I can be so relaxed when a ‘mere’ man is at the wheel, I find it difficult to do same in life situations where I’ve asked Jesus to take the wheel. I tell Him of my challenges and ask Him to help me navigate through life’s many storms, but through the ride I remain perplexed,  wondering if I’d make it. Yet I say I trust Him. I bet this must have happened to you at some point.

I am challenged and I want to challenge you too. If you can sit still in a vehicle or even doze off and miss your stop, if you can be relaxed enough to watch the moving scenery or be lost in thought, as a man about whom you know nothing drives you around town, then how much more should you be absoulutely at ease when the giver of Life himself takes the wheel of your life. Its easy to say “I trust you Lord” but who do you really trust?

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14 thoughts on “Who do you trust?

  1. Love your writing Miss! Why should we trust just what we see when our senses are so limited? Especially in this day when we just expect things, new technology to be there . . .and then poof there it is! So pigs really will fly someday. And as for the notion of a loving Father having our backs? That seems too good to be true!


  2. The author & finisher of our faith who sculpted our destinies before we lived even a day,shall perfect all that pertains to us.Our TRUST in HIM echoes in–” though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death,we shall fear no evil–“–it’s actually our Trust & Faith in HIM that calms us into sleeping through the ride with the unknown driver,whose heart is in hands of our LORD in the first instance.With this unfailing assurance we habour that HE’ll never suffer us to “dash our foot against a stone–“we enter into HIS rest & stay still on all matters so we can “know HE is GOD”


    • Thanks Babor. Truly, sometimes its a ‘subconious’ trust in God that keeps us calm in the hands of a stranger but other times we are either confident in men or just unaware that things can go wrong so our hearts are at rest, I call it ignorant confidence.


  3. the wisdom with which you bring daily events and make a message of them will increase in Jesus name! God bless you!!


  4. Hmmm….. very true. we as humans tend to trust wat we see n thus find it difficult to trust d unseen God , but d seen driver……


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