Please don’t tell them who you are!


“Do you know who I am?!”

Some years back, a very important and urgent matter propelled I and a relative to seek help at a high court somewhere in Nigeria, where we were treated poorly, a man there was a bit rude to us, and the young man I was with finally lost it and screamed at this man “do you know who I am?!” Of course this only made matters worse, caused a near-fight and we ended up getting thrown out of the office, but at least we had shown our displeasure, we showed them that we weren’t cowards, we werent scared to speak our mind, even the bible says the “kingdom of God sufferers violence…..” and who takes it by force? ………..

Some weeks ago, I was sorely tempted to ask that very question. I was trying to resolve a misuderstanding and the other party was being largely unreasonable, it was an issue that had to do with money and you know how people get when they feel  you want to cheat them on money matters, well in this case I was the one at the risk of being cheated and I was determined not to let that happen. I tried hard to remain calm and resonable till some words were spoken that hit a raw nerve and then I just lost it “Wait a minute” I thought to myself, “does this lady know who I am?”, in that question, what I was saying invariably was “do you know that I can spark as well?”, “do you know I can loose my temper?” etc, etc….

Unfortunately or rather, fortunately for me, God in his mercy chose to deliver me from my own folly. The conversation which had been going on over the phone was cut short suddenly and the line went dead. But I was still fuming, I really wanted to vent, to tell that lady who I am, give her a piece of my mind but the oppurtunity had been taken from me. Moments later as tempers bagan to simmer down and reasoning returned I had to ask myself, “Who am I?” Minutes before I was so revved up to show someone else who I was, but in a calm state I wondered, really, “who am I?”

I am a child of God first of all, the highest rank of royalty, the very physical evidence of an invisible God, I am who He is. So if I am all these and more what ‘me’ was I so gingered to reveal earlier? (food for thought).

Many times life has and will put us in that precarious position where we feel sidelined or cheated and we just want to tell others who we are, we want to ‘rake a little’ so we wont be taken for granted, or be seen as timid. When these times come, ask yourself this question ” what part of my personality  am i pushed to reveal, Is it Christ in me or someone else?”

Well you may say that there are some people that will not ‘hear word’ till they have been spoken to harshly, but I reflect on the character of Jesus and I am persuaded to believe  otherwise. Jesus in his interaction with others always seemed calm (maybe too calm sef), except for that one time when
He got angry, and that was over his Father’s business. In other times of conflict instead of being brash He just seems to have the perfect answers that leave others speechless, I call that wisdom. Won’t you prefer to handle tension and conflict with a few wise words spoken calmly than to speak many words in anger that may or may not yeild any result?. Imagine if your neighbour’s view of God is founded on how they see you act and react, would you say you’ve been a good representative ?

There are many questions for you to answer but I have just one plea, in crises situations when you just want to ‘let it all out’, please do not tell them who you are especially when that revelation of yourself is a misrepresentation of who God is.

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21 thoughts on “Please don’t tell them who you are!

  1. Depending on the circumstance, both force and peace can be effective conflict resolution strategies especially in Nigeria,of course the latter is usually preferable.


    • True at times force is effective but remember our aim is not just to be effective but to potray the right identity while at it. Thanks Chukz


  2. God bless the person that shared this article with me. God bless the writer. His words never will depart from our mouths and hearts. I keep wondering if some ppl know what is going on with me bfor they post articles


  3. I learnt this long time ago. Once you are about to engage yourself in a crossfire of anger through the weapon of words, try to keep water in your mouth all through the time you feel like detonating. When it’s all over swallow the water and walk away. Moreover, you will thank yourself for saving your energy. Nice work Sade.


  4. Crisis of identity has left Sons parading as servants-& when pride pushes us to blurt out–“I’m a self made man”-you needn’t look too far for ignorance on rampage.But who am I really?Who are you?


  5. Sade, Thanks for your thought provoking post. We are the only Bible some persons may ever read. We angry better to keep quiet. So our light can shine and bring glory to God. Have a blessed weekend ahead. … Frm Pst Osadolor Asemota (CGMI Beninzonev).


  6. Niceeee piece Sade, its something I think most of us can relate with.. as we remember whose we are, we gain strenght to pursue peace and resolve issues calmly with His strenght..great reminder for me..*Whose I am*..kudos and more grace to you


  7. Nice article, I used to have those moments till I really asked my self “who am I”, child of God or child of the Devil. Then I I would ask myself What would Jesus have done. It’s good to be angry but in your anger keep your tongue at bay, don’t sin.


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