A mad man or what?

I find it quite interesting when a rather normal day suddenly takes a twist and its like for that period the earth changes the direction  of its rotation.

I woke up that morning feeling very normal, I did my normal routine and set out as I normally do in a world of normal people doing normal things, the day had all the promise of just being…….. (you can fill in the blanks by now). So I got on a BRT* bus somewhere in Lagos with little on my  mind except my destination and yes, the fact that my mobile network had been less than good for some days ( I shall keep the name of my service provider a secret). You know, Lagos road network still confuses me and I watched with piqued interest as the driver manoeuvred through two round abouts that looked exactly the same. “Are we going round in circles?” I thought to myself, well I just had to believe that the driver knew what he was doing after all na  me be JJC**

Not too long after we completed the ‘circular movement’ we got on a familiar (straight) road and I had peace again, but not for too long. Out of nowhere, there was a man in boxers right in the middle of the express road and he was holding a rope and a very large stone. Well this wasn’t exactly abnormal, we see people like this every other day, those whose mental ability have sadly declined to an extent that they aren’t capable of rational thought, we often call them lunatics or like the Yoruba man would say-wère.

So here was a fully grown man in boxer-shorts in the middle of the road with a rope and a stone. Our driver did the rational thing and swerved to avoid hitting him, it was at this point that the earth changed its axis of rotation because instead of being thankful to God that he wasn’t hit the man jumped right back in front of the bus and as if that wasn’t weird enough he took the stone in his hand and began to hit the windscreen of the bus! The driver tried to move again and this time the boxers-clad man held on to the side mirror of the vehicle. Now if you’ve seen a BRT bus, you know how big they are, so this young man was actually swinging from the side mirror. The reactions started coming in “blood of Jesus”, ” driver don’t move o, you go kill am“, “driver go, he will come down ” if I had been the driver, i’d have been very confused. In the midst of the chaos a couple of men who had been working on a portion of the road came with planks and sticks and were able to get the man to let go of the side mirror. I watched as they hit him, carried him to the side of the road and tied him up with the same rope I had seen him carry earlier, he was bleeding from his head and I actually felt bad for him. While the bus parked at the side of the road and we waited for some technical issues to be resolved, I listened to the conversation that ensued amongst co-passangers. Someone believed the man was mad, another said he was a terrorist, there were those that thought it was spiritual. I just listened and kept my musings to myself.

I still can’t place a finger on the nature of the man’s ‘ailment’ but I am thankful to God that things happened as they did,  because I can think of a number of other ways that things could have played out and they aren’t really pleasant. However, I do wonder what became of the man, was he really mad?.  While there are so many things still unclear, a thought strikes me “God knows it all”.

Pictures from the incident…..




*BRT buses are big luxurious buses in lagos, they are often cheaper and more comfortable than other commercial  buses
**JJC is the acronym for Johny Just Come, refering to someone that’s New to a place

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6 thoughts on “A mad man or what?

  1. the man must have been indeed crazy.who in their right senses swings from a huge brt bus, is he James Bond or tarzan or what lol. it’s good he didn’t die sha,am sure his madness has left after realizing the risk he took.


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